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3 Typical Mistakes With Hair Products That We All Do

by feminaunique

The various statistics and experience, claim that women spend much time in front of a mirror. A good part of that time goes on to arranging the hair. Beautiful and cherished hair is something that every person desires.

Besides genetics, for that are required many quality products that we need to use regular if we want to have healthy hair.

The air-conditioned office, hats in autumn and winter combined with temperature changes and strong sunshine during the summer can significantly damage the hair. If you strive for a quick recovery with the help of different products, then you make the first mistake.

The condition of the hair is variable – it depends on the menstrual cycle, hormones, general health, excessive exercise and time. But what you eat is also of great importance. If your diet is not diverse and if you tend to fast food, coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes – do not be surprised if your hair and skin are showing it that.

You need to improve the situation from within. Vitamins and minerals in the diet function better than the best cosmetics. The hair requires protein, iron, zinc, A, E, B and D vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Damaged hair very quickly becomes sluggish, greasy and disorderly. The frequent shift of hair care products or the constant use of them, can in the short term improve the appearance of your hair.

Too many products did not favor the scalp. For that always be careful and choose products that meet your specific needs in the best way.

What you choose to maintain the health of your hair depends on what you want to achieve. When you realize how you want your hairstyle to look, you will know which product is best for your hair.

Like most people, it is likely that you have made a mistake with hair styling products. Gel, foam, hair spray, silicone drops, regenerator, masks are just some of the one’s hair products we use on our hair every day. But when we used them, we often make mistakes.

In the following, we reveal you the 3 typical mistakes with hair products that we all do.

We keep the hair spray too close to the hair

The most important rule of proper hair care is to make a good selection of the products that will maintenance but will not overburden your hair.

Admittedly, this mistake has happened to each of us. Many people cannot hold hair spray at the right sufficient distance. By spraying the spray too close to the hair we are doing a counter service. Instead of a firm haircut, we get too firm hair, even stiff and unpleasant to touch.

Applying a hair spray too close to the scalp is harmful. Remember, the ideal distance is 30 centimeters, always keeping the hair spray at an angle to disperse anywhere.

If you are a lover of straight hair and regular use hair straightener, then you need to use a spray for protection that must be put on all the hair to prevent burning from the use of hair straightener. Sprinkle all the hair with the hair spray and be sure that the spray is equally distributed.

Too much hair gel

The hair gel is used when you want to keep the shape of your hair all day long. You need to apply the gel on wet hair immediately after showering.

It is essential first to wash your hair thoroughly and then use only as much gel as you need. If it turns out you need more, you can add it later. The hair gel can be a great hair styling product if used correctly.

Wrong application of hair foam

Never apply the styling foam to your wet hair because it will make your hair tough and after drying it will look lifeless and dry.

Hair foam is mandatory for girls and women who have thin hair without volume. After washing the hair and removing the excess water in a towel, dry the hair partly with a hairdryer. Then take the foam and gently apply it on all hair, twisting your hair, starting slightly below the root and at the end dry the hair with a hairdryer. This way you get enough volume on the hair for the next few days.

Keep in mind that when the foam is mixed with sweat, it can make the hair stuck, so if you choose to stylise your hair this way, you will need to wash more frequently.

The styling of lifeless hair is not at all easy. Here are some tricks that will help you to stylize your hair and give a volume that will not disappear when you leave home.

Choose the right shampoo
The shampoo is your best friend. He washes the impurities, nourishes it, and gives the glow and smell of your hair. Today, we have an abundance of shampoos, so you will not find it difficult to choose the right one at all.

It is most important to choose the right shampoo for your hair, thin or firm, depending on the condition of the scalp: oily, dandruff or sensitive.

Artificial aromas are the ones that cause itching, the appearance of dandruff, so your hair needs a shampoo that does not contain strong fragrances or other chemicals that can harm your hair.

Do not pay attention to the marketing ads and the price of the shampoo. It is not a measure of the quality of your shampoo.

Use shampoo for volume and regenerator
You need to use a shampoo for volume and a regenerator with moisturizing ingredients. The regenerator is an inevitable part of the hair care because after washing makes the hair softer.

But the biggest mistake you make is the way you apply the regenerator. It is best to use it from the waist of the hair length to the tops, and when you reach the tops, gently rub it.

Regenerator restores and hydrates the hair, but if you overdo it, your hair will be heavy and without volume.

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