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5 Top Trends From The 90s Who Are in Fashion Again

by feminaunique

The 90s on the big door are coming back to the fashion scene this year. Just a few months ago, renowned fashion designers presented new collections in their shows that will be a trend in 2019.

These are the 5 top trends from the 90’s that we will carry this year.

„Stone washed“ denim

When it comes to favorite materials, it’s a fact that denim is our ideal and we carry it always and everywhere.

For every girl who wants a practical and relaxed, yet trendy look – the denim is the right choice. He may look sexy, elegant, simple – it all depends on the other pieces in his combination.

This season, the denim is an absolute hit, so this spring we will enjoy combining denim jeans, skirts, jackets, but most attention will attract the faded denim, or the one so-called “stone washed” denim.

Such models were presented by the fashion houses Stella McCartney, Miu Miu, Isabel Marant, Sara Battaglia, and others. Karl Lagerfeld enriched the collection for the fashion brand Chanel with pearls and lace.

If you need to make a list of mandatory pieces that almost every woman should have in the wardrobe, black boots, white jersey, and a timeless little black dress will be among the first.

But the denim jacket, which has recently returned to fashion, also shows a timeless potential. You can wear it in every season, and yes, whether you want a minimalist or relaxed style, the possibilities of denim jackets are almost infinite.

Denim dresses are a complete hit when it comes to a fashionable, spring daily outfit. Given that this spring denim dress has reached the peak of its popularity, you can find denim dresses in all lengths, cuts, and colors.

There must also mention denim overalls that look practical, attractive and fashionable. Boho denim skirt that is a unique piece of clothing that goes to any combination. And the famous “boyfriend jeans” that you just must-have.

The bike shorts trend

The big fashion of the eighties will continue this year, so believe it or not, we are returning to the famous “bike” shorts. Famous people and bloggers often wear them with wide shirts, a short top, or a long jacket, but you can experiment with the style as you want.

According to analysts in 2018, users were most interested in bike shorts. More than 110,000 pieces of bike shorts were sold on eBay in 2018. So, forget the leopard, leather look and without hesitation try the bike shorts.

They returned to fashion in September 2017, thanks to Virgil Ablo. The Creative Director of the “Off-White” brand, who included this piece of clothing in the Spring / Summer collection, and Naomi Campbell presented it at the show. But then no one took them seriously.

Later, Kim Kardashian made them famous, representing sports bike as the most popular piece for this season. Then the trend was accepted by other girls – Kaya Gerber, Emili Rataykovski, Bela Hadid and others.

In principle, in 2019, bicyclic shorts will retain their position, and this was confirmed in the last fashion weeks.

All the shades of cream color

Neutral shades, led by timeless cream color, will be most demanded this season. “Fendi,” “Dior,” “Barberi,” “Chanel,” Stella McCartney, there is no fashion house that this year on its runway did not launch a cream combination from head to toe.

All bloggers have at least one cream coat, mini skirt or warm sweater in the same nuance. It is a color that adds a sophisticated look to every fashion look. Well, if you are already buying a coat, shirt, jacket, or boots, then decide on this cream nuance.

The cream color is orderly but at the same time more beautiful and more elegant tone. This color is going literally with everything, so you should, therefore, buy these five pieces in cream color in your wardrobe.

You can wear a cream dress throughout all seasons. Whatever you wear, a purse or backpack in this color will look magnificent on you. Please combine it with another detail in the same color as a hat, scarf, a belt.

Whether it’s high heel’s shoes, boots, comfortable flat sandals or sneakers, this color gives a special note of elegance.

The cream coat is an eternal fashion classic without competition. Choose a piece of quality material, and you can wear it for years. Finally, to remind you that, there is no combination with which the cream jumpers do not go.

The pleated trend is everywhere

In 2019, not only skirts and dresses will be pleated, but also jackets and shirts, as we could see in the new collections of Valentino and Gucci. The pleated pieces will be both romantic and elegant, and everyone will love them.

After the gold-colored pleated skirt from “Gucci,” which became a real hit among the bloggers and trendsetters on the Milan Fashion Week, it was only a matter of time when the high street brands would put their versions on this hit piece on sale.

And of course, it did not take much time for this trend to make hold of the streets of the world’s metropolises, so in addition to the golden models, all the variants of this pleated skirt are in fashion, and among them are the most popular models in metallic shades. It’s about a piece that you can combine in a variety of nuances, so if you want to look chic this season, now you know what to choose.

Snake print

Already at the end of last year, the animal print was returned, and the leopard model dominated. The snake print will appear most often in dresses, leather pants, and boots.

Although it is a little risky to combine, this print will rule the fashion world this season. Choose snake pants and combine them with a simple T-shirt, a white blouse and a leather jacket. A good choice is a shirt – a futurist or a skirt with a snake. You will not make a mistake if you opt for fashion accessories with a snake print like a wide belt, purse or boots that give a new dimension to each combination.

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