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6 Rules For Arranging The Home in The Mediterranean Style

by feminaunique

The name of the style speaks for itself, but very few people understand the whole essence of the Mediterranean style.

Mediterranean interior style symbolizes openness, brightness, and abundance.

Mediterranean style in the interior of the house is the sea, the sun, and the sand. Entering such an interior, a person mentally transmits to the sea, feels peaceful and peaceful, as on vacation. After all, thanks to the natural nature of the materials and the decoration, a characteristic of this style, it is possible to create a very cozy and pleasant atmosphere in the house.

There are two main styles in the Mediterranean design.

The Greek Mediterranean style is distinguished by its excellent structures, the use of tiles, sculptural plaster, and bold lines. An Italian Mediterranean style includes the use of red tiles, terracotta and wooden floors, ceramics, leather furniture.

The house, built in the Mediterranean style, has its characteristics. All interior elements carry only practicality and functionality – no luxury just archaic simplicity.

The interior is light, light and calm and minimum overload with items for furniture and decor.

Mediterranean style offers maximum comfort. The bed should be large and necessary with a veil. If we talk about an armchair, it must be soft, pleasant, always near the fireplace and next to the wine cabinet. Everything should be at hand.

It is not necessary to follow all the recommendations for decoration in the Mediterranean style. It’s enough to follow these 8 rules and start applying them in practice.


The Mediterranean style is comfort, simplicity, so the colors in the interior should relax. White, beige and cream color prevail. But of course, there are variations.

The Mediterranean style in the interior of the house in terms of a range of colors is divided into the following areas.

Greek – is characterized by cold tones, such as white, lemon-yellow, and shades of blue. As an accent, red-pink is quite common. The classic combination is white + blue.

Italian – is characterized by warm shades and more saturated. The primary color is cream. And also all the nuances of gold-orange, terracotta, olive, green and brown.

Certainly not to forget that when it comes to the sea, the first association is blue. Paint the walls in blue with white details, and do the same with the furniture in the home. And soft green color can be a nice refresh in this combination.

Floor and decoration on the ceiling

The ceiling in the Mediterranean style is a kind of constant. In all the houses the ceiling is made of wood, the beams are carried to the ceiling. It looks awe-inspiring, noble.

The floor in the Mediterranean style is desirable to be made of natural stone. Marble is an efficient, excellent material. But if you are not able to place a natural stone then set a wooden floor.

The best way to get the most impressive look from your floors is by throwing out classical carpets and combining several small rugs.

Doors, windows, and unique details

If you can afford, do or buy a wooden door to enter the kitchen.

Take a picture of marine landscapes, buy pillows and decorations in the form of an anchor. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the details that can immensely beautify your space.

If you decide to decorate your interior in the Mediterranean style, you need fresh flowers and many plants planted in the ceramic vessels. That will create a unique atmosphere.

The windows should be large and wooden, and there should be no curtains, only blinds. A good idea will be the use of ropes in decor because the style is directly connected to the sea.

It is necessary to use a variety of decorating options: tapestries, cast iron grids and so on. The walls should not be empty.

You can give freedom to experiment a bit, mixing the Greek-Italian traditions with North African or Turkish motives.


Side tables, murals, and mosaic tiles are perfect for the Mediterranean d├ęcor.

The Mediterranean style should include natural elements. You can choose furniture with a classic, rustic look. It can be a stool or a table. The simplest elements with which you can make the change are the mirror, carved boxes or chairs.

The blue bowls, glasses, and spice placed on a wooden shelf will be great details that remind you of the beautiful Mediterranean every day.

Insert simple wooden furniture that will be large and functional at the same time. In the Mediterranean interior, you can enter furniture in the style of classics with carvings, as well as other pieces of furniture in the style of minimalism.

Use of textiles

Curtains, carpets, and pillows. The materials you need are cotton, wool, and silk, and they fit perfectly into your home. Whoever is your choice, you will surely refresh your home.

More colorful – the better!

The Mediterranean interior is very rich in ornaments and textures. This is especially true for textile. Use only natural fabrics.

Role of light

Simplicity and ease – this is the way you can describe the houses in the Mediterranean style.

No Mediterranean home would be the same if there were not enough light. To add more light to your home, choose lighter colors for your walls, curtains, and the like. In this way, more light will enter the house, even if the windows are small.

Place beautiful lamps and chandeliers hanging from the wooden ceiling beams. They will make the house warm, welcoming. Also, use a different wall and floor lamps that can focus the light on objects in the decoration.

Bathroom in Mediterranean style

Mediterranean-style bathroom in recent years becomes more and more attractive. It is because this style offers comfort and relaxation, but at the same time it gives and creates an atmosphere of cheerfulness, calm, pleasant bliss and tranquility.

Not only does it offer all the comfort conditions, but the bathroom in the Mediterranean style is also practical and easy to maintain.

Place ceramic tiles of pale beige color – the most appropriate option for a stylish Mediterranean bath. The elegant mirror in the decorated wooden frame and topical wall lamps that imitate the candle burning become the center of the design.

A Mediterranean design bathroom can be easily recognized thanks to the ethnic ornaments that are present in various decor elements. One of the characteristics of this style inside the bathroom is the use of natural materials, from decorative items to towels and bathrobes.

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