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7 Best Smelling Plants for Your Yard

by feminaunique

The flowers are the most beautiful decorative element in your garden. That’s why the size of the yard does not mean that we can not rejoice on your flowers.

There is nothing more romantic and more relaxing than enjoying the beautiful scents in your garden. Scents of individual flowers will remain as a lovely memorial in the coming years and will bring you back to happy places and times.

The garden full of beautiful scents is a pure and enormous enjoyment that you can easily afford. Plus, we all love walking outside and smelling the pleasant smell of flowers wafting towards us.

If you have no idea, the following flowers are the 7 best smelling plants for your yard.

Peony is a symbol of beauty and femininity that every spring enriches nature with enchanting splendid colors and fragrances.

Peonies bloom in May and June, and harvested they can last up to 5 days – all you have to do is change their water. There are four shades of peony: gently pink, white, yellow, and wine.

Except that it smells fragrant and luxurious, the beetle also has medicinal properties. It positively affects the nervous system, improves memory, reduces cholesterol levels in the body, and positively affects the liver function.

Lilac Bush
The intense smell of lilac in the spring in some way tells us the summer. It is easy to maintain, it grows quickly, and there is a beautiful smell that is not easily forgotten. Apart from its fragrance note that is used in the perfume industry, lilac has its application in medicine.

It is used to treat diarrhea and other problems with the digestive system, to treat rheumatic diseases and to treat skin diseases, such as rash, burns, cuts, scratches.

In aromatherapy, it is used for emotional and spiritual balance and relaxation in anti-depression treatments.

The exotic scent of jasmine rarely who does not adore him. The smell of the jasmine flower produces a good mood, reduces the frustration, and gives rise, and its tea helps with weight loss.

You can grow outdoors or indoors, but remember, as long as jasmine is grown in well-draining soil and with plenty of sun, humidity, and water, it adapts well to the environments.

It contains around 200 species and several countries and states consider jasmine as a national symbol.

Freesias are herbaceous plants that can be readily increased from seed and which grow from a conical corm. Many species have fragrant narrowly funnel-shaped flowers, quite aromatic and exquisite.

Due to their specific and pleasing scent, they are often used in hand creams, shampoos, candles, etc. However, the flowers are mainly used in wedding bouquets.

If you want to grow freesia in your yard, keep the soil moist, but not soggy, and place the plant in a sunny, preferably south-facing position. Expect flowers in 10 to 12 weeks. Those Freesias with yellow petals are the most peaceful and spread a delicate fruity fragrance.

Gardenias are one of the most popular flower plants, which with its beautiful appearance and smell captivate every glance and attention.

It has characteristic white flowers and is chosen for a plant with the most beautiful scent. It can grow anywhere, both in cold and tropical areas. The smell is most noticeable when the wind blows and rains because it swirls the scent.

The rose is rightly called the queen of flowers. Across the globe is known as a traditional symbol of love and beauty.

The rose is a royal plant, and as such it is best to be grown in a place where it can spread in height, width and depth. And in general – she wants space, in some cases – especially a lot of space.

To be a healthy rose, it needs proper nutrition, irrigation, and space and ventilation, and this implies cultivation in the appropriate soil.

Probably everybody knows this bulbous plant. It originates from Asia and is known in Europe since the 16th century.

Two basic types are distinguished: Roman hybrid (lat. Hyacinthus orientalis albulus), which has rarely distributed flowers on the stem, has an intense scent and can be in white, violet or blue-purple, and Dutch hybrid (lat. Hyacinthus orientalis) which it has thickly blossomed flowers in white, cream, pink, red and purple.

Besides enchanting with its beauty, the hyacinth has an incredible smell, which many adore.

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