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7 Ways to Tie Your Favorite Hair Scarf

by feminaunique

With the advent of warm days, a lot of new super ideas and trends came when the fashion is in question. One of them is the trend of styling hair with scarves that has won girls around the world.

It does not matter how old, long, short, new, colorful or monochrome hair scarf is. It’s important to know that with hair scarves you can refresh your fashionable everyday style.

Hair scarf is not just a fashion detail. It is also a way of favorite expression among the people they carry.

This season gives space to the scarves in your closet. With their help, you can achieve any appearance, from sweet to sexy.

Whether you choose a monochrome or a scarf with a print or a pattern, it’s entirely all the same, because it will undoubtedly bring in cheerfulness and impressiveness in your appearance.

Hair scarves are one of the favorite fashion accessories this year that will be an inevitable addition to every modern girl or woman. They found their place in the autumn-winter season, and both spring and summer carry entirely new ways to use them.

Besides, hair scarves are chic. They give it a unique, retro dimension of each combination. What’s great is that you can wear them on different occasions such as in common combinations for work, to go out, and even some festive occasions where you will decorate a simple black dress with a hair scarf with a unique print.

Hair scarves are popular with fashion bloggers, mostly because they look good with almost any combination. Except around the neck, you can wear the scarves on your head, but also as an ornament on your purse.

Whether you want to wear your hair, straighten, loose, curled, or in a bun, the hair scarf will always leave a distinctive impression. You have endless possibilities for combination. It remains to let your imagination and be noticed.

Of course, you can be creative with the way of tying, but we suggest you to try these 7 ways to tie your favorite hair scarf.

Braid style
Except it is very chic, the most practical are those braids that collect all the hair. The way and form are not meaningful. What’s important is your creativity and style. Remember every fashion combination gives it a unique seal. Always a quick and good option when you do not know what to do on your hair. Try to insert a fluorescent, thin scarf in your braid. You will surely be noticed.

Accentuated horse tail scarf style
Many women who have long hair are avoided to tie them up in a horse tail because they think that hairstyle is too childish. But the reality is quite the opposite, it’s one of the most popular hairstyles of all time, and is especially recommended for the hot summer days.

This hairstyle can be done in less than 5 seconds, and of course, you will get rid of the uniform appearance. The flowering scarf is always welcome to break the monotony.

There are many variants of this way of entirely tying your hair, which you can wear on different occasions – at home, at work, evening outings with friends, and even to big celebrations. The most significant advantage is that you can edit your hair yourself.

The turban as a fashion trend is quite popular with fashion bloggers. It’s perfect because with a little effort you get an attractive look. If your hair is unruly, the turban will solve the problem. With a little creativity, you can turn yourself into a stylish icon.

Simple twist
The tied scarf over the forehead acts feminine and sophisticated. However, it does not act too elegantly, so it is suitable only for lighter daily events.

Ribbon style
This small piece of fabric brings infinitely many possibilities in terms of the choice of material, color or pattern. If you want to make romance in your appearance or make it a more exciting hairstyle, then the hair ribbon is the right choice for you.

The ribbon style is a great way to beautify your hair. It will make you look more beautiful, cheerful and more elegant. Remember, if you have brighter hair, then select a black or dark color on the hair scarf, or if you have darker hair then choose a more vivid or striking color of the hair scarf for a fascinating contrast.

Short and small hair scarves are ideal for finishing the elegant buns. Whether you decide to make a standard low or high bun, wrap the hair scarf and do a ribbon. Ready to win all the glances!

Short hair with a hair scarf
We have to admit that it is difficult to stay fashionable when summer gives its heat stroke with high temperatures. Do you have short hair? You need to know that your hair styling options are not limited to length.

A short hairstyle can act in some cases monotonously only if you do not know how to use the right hair accessories. If you have short hair, wear a scarf as a strip for hair, you will be surprised by the effect.

A high bun with a long scarf
This type of hairstyle is suitable for girls with unruly hair because the hair with more volume will make the bun bigger, and the bigger, the better.

Hair scarves are an excellent option for the buns, but care should be taken in the selection. Also, be careful about how to comb your hair scarfs with the clothes you wear. It does not have to be quite right, but it should not be too much in conflict with your outfit.

You do not need special skills to turn the ordinary bun into an elegant hairstyle. You need to find a narrow, long model of scarves and colors that will fit in the combination that you carry.

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