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Best DIY Light Bulb Vases

by feminaunique

Have a bunch of old burnt bulbs in your house? Don’t know what to do with them? We have the solution – recycling them into gorgeous vases. Awaken your creativity with these best DIY lights bulb vases and give your old bulb a new purpose in your home!

Best DIY Light Bulb Vases


DIY Light Bulb Vase

New an idea for a great gift for upcoming Mother’s Day? Try making this DIY light bulb vase. It may seem not very easy, but it’s not – follow the steps and enjoy surprising your mum with this new cute vase!

Best DIY Light Bulb Vases

Source: themerrythought


How to Upcycle Light Bulbs into Planters

If you want to learn how to upcycle light bulbs into planters, then you’re in the right place. Follow the easy step by step guide and enjoy making them!

Best DIY Light Bulb Vases

Source: greenobsessions


DIY Lightbulb Terrarium

This DIY lightbulb terrarium is a pretty easy little project to upcycle your used ones bright lightbulbs into beautiful hanging terrariums. A great way to re-use materials you would typically throw away instead of buying something new.

Best DIY Light Bulb Vases

Source: simplehomesimplelife


Light Bulb Vase DIY

This light bulb vase DIY is such a creative, eco-looking, adorable, and fun project that will brighten up your home decor or workspace. Also, perfect for an outdoor dinner party during the summer or as bathroom decor!

Best DIY Light Bulb Vases

Source: freepeople


Light Bulb Flower Vase

With these pretty and inexpensive light bulb flower vases, your home decor will get a new look. So simple and so cute. The making process is explained so well, so it’s up to you to try it right away.

Best DIY Light Bulb Vases

Source: lifeisaparty


How to Make a Light Bulb Vase

Learn how to make a light bulb vase with this east tutorial step by step. Recycle your burnt out light bulbs and turn them into light bulb vases. You can paint the vase in any color you want, so it’s perfect for any holiday or season!

Best DIY Light Bulb Vases

Source: practicallyfunctional


Hanging Lightbulb Planters

These hanging lightbulb planters are a fun and unique way to express your creativity. It’s easy – follow the tutorial and create the most inexpensive hanging vases that don’t take long to recreate.

Best DIY Light Bulb Vases

Source: fiftyflowers


Standing Light Bulb Vase

This standing light bulb vase is a simple but cute idea to recycle your old bulb into a vase. But be gentle, because the bulbs are so fragile and you can easily break them in the process even when using the step by step method!

Best DIY Light Bulb Vases

Source: magicaldaydream


Hanging Lightbulb Terrarium

Learn how to make a hanging lightbulb terrarium for your home with this easy step-by-step tutorial. Plus, if you don’t want to hang them, they also look great on a bookshelf or even as a book stopper.

Best DIY Light Bulb Vases

Source: snughughome



Best DIY Light Bulb Vases

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