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Best Easter Cupcake Recipes

by feminaunique

Yes, Easter is nearby, and we all love that! If your creativity is blocked and needs an idea for the best Easter cupcake recipe, we have the solution. Try these adorable, delicious best Easter Cupcake recipes that will satisfy your need for sweets. Many delicious flavors, different and colorful frosting, festive decorations, and more!

Best Easter Cupcake Recipes


Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Sweet and pretty, these Easter Bunny Cupcakes are an absolute HIT! Easy and quick, bake the cupcakes, prepare the frosting, and then allow your kids to do the decorating process. Have fun!

Best Easter Cupcake Recipes

Source: thisgrandmaisfun


White Chocolate Easter Egg Cupcakes

Delicious white chocolate Easter egg cupcakes made with the adorable mini Cadbury eggs! These cupcakes are just the right size for a nest of little eggs. Store them in the fridge if not eating within 24 hours. Take them out 30-60 minutes before you serve them, so they are room temp.

Best Easter Cupcake Recipes

Source: garnishandglaze


Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

For this Easter, we suggest cooking the most delicious and moist carrot cupcakes with the tangiest and smooth cream cheese frosting. They are easy to bake and fun to decorate – with a sweet candy melted carrot on top!

Best Easter Cupcake Recipes

Source: justataste


Easter Chick Cupcakes

Looking for a super sweet for an Easter treat? Try these cute Easter Chick cupcakes – super easy to make with lots of fun! And if you’re a fan of vanilla flavor, then you have a jackpot because they taste incredible moist vanilla. Follow the recipe instruction and enjoy making them.

Best Easter Cupcake Recipes

Source: thesimple-sweetlife


Bunny Butt Cupcakes

Follow these 12 steps and you’ll have the most adorable and delicious Bunny Butt cupcakes for Easter. A perfect little sweet treat for you, your family, and guests. Aren’t they cute?

Best Easter Cupcake Recipes

Source: preppykitchen


Sheep Cupcakes

Impress everyone with these adorable and delicious sheep cupcakes. Buy the ingredients and follow the recipe instructions. The result is unbelievably cute cupcakes! Aren’t they almost too cute to eat?

Best Easter Cupcake Recipes

Source:  simplejoy 


Easter Bunny Peeps Cupcakes

These Easter Bunny Peeps cupcakes are an adorable Easter dessert idea! Easy to make – bake the muffins, add the frosting, and decorate them. A perfect sweet treat for your kids!

Best Easter Cupcake Recipes

Source: mommysavers


Bird’s Nest Cupcakes

These Bird’s Nest cupcakes are the easiest, creamiest chocolate cupcakes of all time. Almost too cute to eat! They are sure to put a smile on the face of any lucky person who gets one. A perfect Easter cupcake recipe!

Best Easter Cupcake Recipes

Source: cookingclassy


Easter Basket Cupcakes

Who can resist these Easter Basket cupcakes? Yes, they are a little time consuming but worth it! These cutest Easter cupcakes can be an excellent gift for the kids at Easter. Free your creativity and transform plain cupcakes into adorable miniature Easter baskets!

Best Easter Cupcake Recipes

Source: sugarhero


Speckled Easter Cupcakes

These are an amazingly good looking Speckled Easter Cupcakes! It’s a lot of work, but the result is incredible, and those pastel shades are just perfect. Follow the recipe and enjoy the process of making them!

Best Easter Cupcake Recipes

Source: urbanbake


Easter Cupcakes

If you’re not baking inclined, this recipe is just perfect for you! These Easter cupcakes are easy to make, insanely delicious, and the cupcakes look super cute. Enjoy!

Best Easter Cupcake Recipes

Source: hapanom


Best Easter Cupcake Recipes

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