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Best Easter Peeps Recipes

by feminaunique

Everyone loves to eat sweets at Easter. That’s why we are always looking for new and unique recipes to surprise our friends and family. The following dessert recipes are the best Easter Peeps recipes you’ll ever try – easy, quick, colorful, tasty, festive – perfect Easter desserts!

Best Easter Peeps Recipes


Peeps Cupcakes

These Peeps cupcakes are adorable – so cute looking and great tasting with amazing colors and shape. Quick and simple to make, a perfect Easter Peeps treat idea!

Best Easter Peeps Recipes

Source:  cincyshopper


Easter Dirt Cake

This Dirt cake is the best dessert recipe you can make for Easter for you and your family. It’s creative, festive, and delicious. A total hit with the kids and the adults – so much fun to make and eat!

Best Easter Peeps Recipes

Source: lilluna


Peeps Cookie Bars

Need a quick idea for Easter dessert recipe, try these Peeps cookie bars. They are soft, colorful, and incredibly tasty. Follow the recipe instructions and enjoy them with a glass of cold milk.

Best Easter Peeps Recipes

Source: smartschoolhouse


Chocolate Peanut Butter Peeps Skillet S’mores

For these Chocolate Peanut Butter Peeps Skillet S’mores, you need a couple of ingredients and only 10 minutes to prepare them. They are so easy, delicious, creamy, and simple a perfect sweet treat for Easter. Serve immediately with graham crackers for dipping!

Best Easter Peeps Recipes

Source: howsweeteats


Bunny Dirt Cups

These bunny dirt cups are a creative, easy, and quick dessert recipe perfect for Easter, and your kids will go crazy for them. The tastiest, prettiest little dirt cups ever! For extra toppings, add some speckled robin eggs.

Best Easter Peeps Recipes

Source: azestybite


Easter Peeps Pops

Few ingredients for a super cute Easter Peeps Pops. They are pretty, tasty with matching straws! Quick and easy, follow the instruction and wait at least one hour or until candy coating is dry to the touch and enjoy!

Best Easter Peeps Recipes

Source: lovefromtheoven


Layered Peeps Treats

These layered peeps treats are the ideal quick and easy Easter Peep recipe. Colorful and flavorful and made with four ingredients. Don’t forget to allow to cool completely (1-2 hours) before slicing.

Best Easter Peeps Recipes

Source: yellowblissroad


Peeps Houses

These peeps houses are such an adorable and cute idea for Easter dessert. So fun and a great and different craft to do with kids. Those Peeps have infiltrated the Easter dinner scene. So perfect for Easter and for all of us who love peeps!

Best Easter Peeps Recipes

Source: yesterfood


Chocolate Marshmallow Peeps Cupcakes

These chocolate marshmallow peeps cupcakes are tempting, adorable, and tasty – a fantastic treat for Easter. The decorations look awesome, and they are almost too cute to eat. But you can always whip up your unique creation!

Best Easter Peeps Recipes

Source: lovefromtheoven


Easy Marshmallow Peeps Easter Cake

Want a cake for Easter? Try making this easy marshmallow peeps Easter cake. Follow the instructions and use any colored peeps you want. Rhen top the cake off with speckled m&m candies!

Best Easter Peeps Recipes

Source: craftymorning


Best Easter Peeps Recipes

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