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4 Tips To Look Like a Fashion Blogger

by feminaunique

Blogging was created 20 years ago and reached its peak in 1999 when the tools for improving the use of the blog were announced, as well as the introduction of comments from readers.

Over the years, the impact of blogs and bloggers has grown drastically, and now we are flooded with bloggers or “bloggers in an attempt.”

So now, especially fashion blogging is trendy around the world, and many famous fashion bloggers have a significant influence on fashion.

The uniqueness of combining is that makes fashion bloggers unique.

The central part consists of photographing the blogger who promotes a piece of clothing, shoes, jewelry of famous world brands that by the rule are always signed under the photo.

Bloggers are frequent guests on big fashion shows and have one goal to attract as much attention as possible. Some earn a lot, and some do not.

Apart from being very attractive and always super stylized, fashion bloggers today are considered one of the most successful people in the world who sign millions of contracts with fashion, cosmetics, and other brands. They have army followers on social networks, and they have achieved their success with hard work, dedication, and love for fashion.

Earlier having a blog was a way to express creativity and increase self-confidence.

Now the social networks Facebook and Instagram are more than that. Bloggers, models and famous find a way to turn their “likes” into money. Also today almost everyone has their blog, successful or unsuccessful, influential or not sufficiently developed.

You wonder how some girls are perfectly dressed every day and manage to match their fashion combinations perfectly?

It’s simple. Fashion bloggers follow some simple rules.
But without worry, you can do it the same thing.

If you want to succeed, follow these 4 rules to become successful in the world of fashion blogging.

Create a new combination with your favorite clothes

We must admit that each of us has several unique pieces of clothing that he likes and in which he looks fantastic, regardless of everything.

If you have your own unique “uniform,” concentrate on upgrading those particular pieces of clothing. Take out your favorite items from the wardrobe and, according to them, select the rest of your combination.

Many girls started their fashion blog, but they failed. So to run your blog, it is crucial to know yourself and your style so that you can post successful posts.

That means that you need to be a leader and a revolutionary, to inspire with your clear vision and to reach to the audience, not just take photos.

You should be your own!

To intrigue with your articles, with the clothes, you present and wear in an unusually pleasant way, and with that, your influence will become even more appreciated.

But at the same time, one should know the boundary of the vulgar, decent and ultra modern.

Start with the shoes

You probably think that starting your fashion combination with shoes is a sequence that can not work, but you’re wrong.

Let your shoes determine how you look that day and what clothes you will wear. Trust your mood about choosing your shoes, because shoes are a true inspiration for the rest of the fashion combination.

A pair of shoes in the season makes everyone happier and more fulfilled. Every woman or girl loves the feeling and the smell of new shoes in her closet.

We love all the shape of them and the fact that they make us more attractive and sexy, serious and adorable at the same time.

Your fashion impact should attract, not be bored. And the shoes have that power.

When you learn to use the power of self-presentation, followed by a specific attitude overwhelmed by knowledge and skill, then the results will be visible.

Always wear fashion accessories

Fashion accessories? Naturally, carry them with pleasure, but please beware of too many accessories at the same time. Exaggeration with fashion accessories confuses the eyes of the observers, and your fashion combination looks cheap.

Additionally, if you want to create a clean styling that is recognizable, invest better in several quality pieces of jewelry that you will always wear and that can fit in all your combinations.

With fashion accessories, at the same time, you will look consistent with yourself, and you will attract the eyes of others on you in a positive way.

And of course remember, the quality must be before the quantity.

Choose a simple but unique purse

By choosing a bag, we finish each fashion combination. It is generally known that the handbag is an inevitable addition to any fashion look.

But of course, you should be careful about how you combine it with your clothes. If you want to look “chic” at any moment, choose a bag that does not have too many details. Simply, that bag can fit with all the fashion combinations, and it will give you a sleek and “cool” look. The simpler it better.

If you are a slave to the classics, select it in black, but if you want to experiment, then let yourself be on the trends and be brave.

Results of the survey on the topic: How much time you spend daily in the decision what to wear?

What we wear directly affects how we feel and how we will accept ourselves, so it is essential that we feel especially in the clothes we wear.

In the hesitation to wear for work, evening outings, business meetings, beach activities, and other activities, women spend 287 days of their lives.

It has been calculated that most of the time is spent on choosing “killer” combinations for Friday or Saturday exit – in each of these evenings, the woman spends 20 minutes thinking about what kind of edition will come out.

Every morning, women spend an average of 16 minutes on deciding what to wear for work, and they need 14 minutes to decide on their day-to-day appearance by Saturday and Sunday.

For special occasions, they are dressed even longer. For Christmas or some solemn occasion, women need an average of 36 minutes for a final decision, six times a year.

The study also showed that women on average try at least two combinations every morning before deciding. Every second night, at least 15 minutes, he thinks what to wear in the morning for work.

The survey was conducted on a sample of 2,491 women.

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