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The Best 20-Minutes Salad Recipes

by feminaunique

Next time you think you don’t feel like eating a salad, consider making some of these best 20-minutes salad recipes! All of them are delicious, packed with nutrients, and will keep you satisfied. You can choose from vegetable salad with homemade Italian dressing, healthy Buddha bowl salad, winter spinach salad, Moroccan carrot and beetroot salad, watercress salad with avocado, orange, and chia seeds, kale detox salad, Za’atar crusted goat cheese salad and more. All of the recipes are full of fresh, healthy ingredients, drizzled with unique dressings, well balanced, and super easy to make in just 20-minutes. Enjoy!


Vegetable Salad With Homemade Italian Dressing

Satisfying and full of fresh ingredients, this vegetable salad with homemade Italian dressing ready in 20-minutes. You just toss all the ingredients together with the dressing and chill the salad for around 2 hours. Then toss it with bacon just before serving and garnish it with parmesan cheese, if desired. The salad can be made the day before and left to marinate in the fridge overnight. Add seeds or chopped nuts for additional crunch. Enjoy!

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Creamy Broccoli Salad With Bacon & Cranberries

Super creamy, crunchy, and ready in 20-minutes, this creamy broccoli salad with bacon and cranberries is a perfect side dish for barbecues and potlucks. It’s sweet from the dried fruit and crunchy with the sunflower seeds and bacon. Gather the ingredients and start the making process. You will get 2 quarts or 16 ½ cup servings. Serve it right away but best when chilled for at least one hour. Enjoy!

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Healthy Buddha Bowl Salad

Well balanced and easy to make in just 20-minutes, this healthy Buddha bowl salad is a delicious salad full of flavors, textures, and colors. Plus, it would make such a great lunch or early dinner. You’ll love the salad because it’s filled with lots of veggies, different types of protein, whole natural grains, and a mix of flavors. Once you have all the ingredients ready, you just need to assemble the dish. Serve and enjoy!

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Southwest Salad

Colorful, filling, and ready in 20-minutes, this Southwest salad it’s a delicious meal for the whole family. Plus, it’s loaded with everything you could ever want – veggies, spices, meat, fruits, starches, and extras that come from the Southwest, and it’s drizzled with homemade cilantro lime dressing. Follow the cooking directions and assemble the salad – fill a large bowl or even a pie dish with the romaine lettuce. Top it with all additional ingredients and serve immediately. Enjoy!

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Winter Spinach Salad

Amazingly flavorful and full of nutritious ingredients, this winter spinach salad is easy to make salad ready in a total time of 20-minutes without any effort. Make the pumpkin spice vinaigrette dressing and prep the salad ingredients. Then assemble the salad – toss everything together and sprinkle a few poppy seeds, if desired. You can serve it as a side or a lighter main course. Enjoy!

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Mexican Street Corn Salad

Incredibly delicious, perfectly flavorful, and super easy to make in just 20-minutes, this Mexican street corn salad will be a hit at your family gatherings. It’s packed with fresh flavors, and it’s perfectly sweet and salty. Plus, you can use fresh or frozen corn. Follow the cooking instructions and serve or cover and store in the fridge for up to 8 hrs before serving. Enjoy!

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Moroccan Carrot & Beetroot Salad

Full of flavors and with a touch of oriental spirit, this Moroccan carrot and beetroot salad is simple, nourishing, fresh, and energizing, and ready in 20-minutes. It’s rich in vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and you can serve it as a side dish or as a main meal. For extra protein, you can add any cooked meat or grilled halloumi or plant-based chickpeas, quinoa, hemp seeds, etc. Assemble the salad, serve, and enjoy!

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Broccoli Slaw Salad With Cranberries & Celery

Paleo, gluten-free, Whole30-friendly, and definitely a crowd-pleaser, this broccoli slaw salad with cranberry and celery it’s a 20-minutes salad side dish that everyone will love. Plus, it’s crunchy, creamy, and delicious. Just follow the cooking directions, and combine well. The salad will keep well overnight in the fridge. If making ahead of time, keep the salad separated from the dressing until serving. Enjoy!

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Watercress Salad With Avocado Orange & Chia Seeds

Paleo, gluten-free, vegan, and Whole30-friendly, this watercress salad with avocado, orange, and chia seeds is super nutritious, healthy salad ready in 20-minutes. You can serve it as a light meal or as a side dish to any main dish. It has many beneficial nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and healthy fats and is dressed with zesty citrus and Dijon mustard dressing. Toss the salad with the dressing and serve. Enjoy!

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Crunchy Asian Salad With Ginger-Tahini Orange Dressing

Healthy and full of bright flavors and colors, this crunchy Asian salad with ginger-tahini orange dressing is an entirely vegetarian, vegan, Whole30, and gluten-free salad ready in 20-minutes. The dressing it’s super flavorful and pairs with the salad ingredient perfectly. Follow the salad instructions and assemble salads by dividing each ingredient into four large bowls. Drizzle with ginger-tahini orange dressing, and serve with extra on the side for dipping the egg rolls. Enjoy!

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Kale Detox Salad

Filling and full of amazing flavors and colors, this kale detox salad is a healthy, low-calorie, week-night meal ready in just 20-minutes. It’s 100% vegetarian, loaded with 14 grams of plant-based protein, and high in fiber with 8 grams per serving. Gather the needed ingredients and start the making process. Add all of the ingredients to a big bowl and mix well. Top with lemon mustard dressing, if desired. Serve and enjoy!

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Green Bean Potato Salad

Crunchy, healthy, full of flavor, and ready in 20-minutes, this green bean potato salad is a quick and super tasty salad perfect for any summer bbq party. Plus, you can serve it warm or chilled or ahead of time. Follow the cooking instructions, make the dressing, and assemble the salad. Pour the zippy dressing over the potatoes and green beans, then toss gently to combine. Serve and enjoy!

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Za’atar Crusted Goat Cheese Salad

Unique, delicious, healthy, and super easy to make, this Za’atar crusted goat cheese salad is ready in 20 minutes. The goat cheese pairs perfectly with the herbs in the za’atar seasoning, and the sweet apples and crunchy pecans add flavors and texture to the salad. Make the sherry vinaigrette, divide the arugula between four bowls, and top with the seasoned goat cheese, pecans, and apple slices. Pour the dressing over the salad and enjoy!

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