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The Best 4th Of July Cupcakes & Cakes Recipes

by feminaunique

Serving cupcakes and cakes is an integral part of any 4th of July party or gathering. So if you want to bring some attention to your holiday party, we advise trying these best 4th of July cupcakes and cake recipes. They’re simple and easy to prepare, look very appetizing, are filled with perfectly balanced flavors and amazing decorations. Choose from Uncle Sam 4th of July cupcakes, Patriotic Jell-O cake, American Flag cake, Keto 4th of July poke cake, and more. Have fun, and enjoy it!


Patriotic Swirl Cupcakes

Moist and full, simple, and easy, these patriotic swirl cupcakes are a perfect 4th of July desserts. First, bake the white cupcakes and then add the buttercream frosting. For the final touch, decorate your cupcakes with your favorite sprinkles, or you can also use cupcake toppers or colored sugars. Have fun!

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Summer Berry Cupcakes

These summer berry cupcakes look amazing and totally adorable. They’re so tasty, flavorful, and pretty – perfect fun treats for the 4th of July. Filled with some fresh berries and topped off with homemade cream cheese frosting, the cupcakes are simply irresistible!

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Easy Red White & Blue Cupcakes

These easy red white and blue cupcakes look so bright and beautiful and are tasty, ultra-moist and cakey-soft. For less than 10 dollars, you will be able to make a perfect 4th of July dessert to please the crowd at your party celebration. Decorate with some red, white, and blue sprinkles. Enjoy!

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Uncle Sam 4th Of July Cupcakes

Cute and tasty, these Uncle Sam 4th of July cupcakes look very appetizing and yummy. First, bake the cupcakes, add the cherry pie filling, pipe icing, and finish with the eyeballs and paper hat included in the Uncle Sam cupcake kit. Enjoy!

Source: theinspirationedit


Patriotic Jell-O Cake

If you’re looking for a unique 4th of July dessert, this patriotic Jell-O cake is the right choice. It’s a festive, tasty, eye-catching sweet treat that comes with red, white, and blue layers of Jell-O. Easy-to-make and perfect for kids, you just need to wait several hours or overnight to layers to completely firms. Have fun!

Source: barthbakery


Vegan Funfetti Lemonade Cake

Want to prepare a healthy, delicious, and good looking dessert this 4th of July? Try making this vegan Funfetti lemonade cake. First, make the cake, then add the vanilla frosting and finish with handmade fireworks decorations. You will need all day long to make the cake, but it’s worth it!

Source: vegandollhouse


Red White & Blue Jello Poke Cake

Simple, super-moist, and delicious, this red, white, and blue Jello poke cake is a perfect dessert to share on the 4th of July with the family and friends. You need five ingredients and follow the cooking instructions. For the finishing touch, sprinkle on some red, white, and blue sprinkles, and the cake is ready. Enjoy!

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American Flag Cake

Made by traditional cake recipe, this American flag cake is a creamy, delicious dessert perfect for a 4th of July gathering. The flavors are perfectly balanced between the vanilla creaminess of the cake mix and icing. The fruit toppings add a tart and fruity accent. They are the perfect complement to one another. Enjoy!

Source: spaceshipsandlaserbeams


Keto 4th Of July Poke Cake

This keto 4th of July poke cake will definitely bring some attention to your holiday party. It’s in the form of a flag, filled with amazing flavors, low-carb, and a healthy sugar-free option the entire family can enjoy. Don’t forget to decorate the cake in a flag pattern – the blueberries will represent the stars, and the strawberries will represent the stripes. Have fun!

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