The Best Apple Pie Recipes

Double crusted, filled with delicious apples and served with whipped cream, ice cream, or cheddar cheese – we love the smell of fresh-baked apple pie. If you need ideas or want to learn how to bake a perfect apple pie, we have the best apple pie recipes for you! Make different variations of apple pies, from classic to upside down, cook apple pie cookies, cupcakes, bars, crescent rolls, and more. It’s simple and easy – choose the perfect recipe, have fun, and enjoy it!

The Best Apple Pie Recipes


Classic Apple Pie

Delicious and flavorful, this homemade classic apple pie it’s an absolute pleasure for eyes and belly – a wonderful treat! And yes, absolutely, you can freeze the pie well for up to 3 months, just thaw overnight in the refrigerator and bring to room temperature before serving. Follow the instruction and serve it with salted caramel sauce or a big scoop of ice cream!

The Best Apple Pie Recipes

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Dutch Apple Pie

This Dutch apple pie is amazing and so easy to follow, so you’ll make the recipe again and again. It’s sweet and warm with lots of flavors- the combination of apples with a flaky crust it’s perfect. Always serve warm and topped with whipped cream or ice cream. Enjoy!

The Best Apple Pie Recipes

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Apple Pie Bites with Crescent Rolls

These apple pie bites with crescent rolls are absolutely amazing – sweet and delicious and made with crescent rolls and fresh apples. It’s important to use firm apples and good crescent rolls, or if you have time, you can make homemade pie crust. The result’s buttery soft puffed pastry filled with cinnamon apples + brown sugar + cinnamon mixture and topped with warm gooey caramel sauce.

The Best Apple Pie Recipes

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Apple Pie Hand Pies

Quick and easy, these apple pie hand pies are the BEST. Ready in a total time of 35 minutes, the apple pies are perfectly flaky and crisp.
You need a canned apple for the filling, refrigerated pie crust, little dusting of cinnamon sugar, and a vanilla glaze to make them even tastier. Just allow pie bites to cool, then drizzle with glaze!

The Best Apple Pie Recipes

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Salted Caramel Apple Pie Bars

Super easy and yummy, these salted caramel apple pie bars will be your next favorite dessert. A fun twist on a classic dessert – sweet and salty. Three layers to salted caramel apple pie bars: shortbread crust, apple pie filling, and streusel topping – gather the ingredients, follow the instructions, and enjoy them!

The Best Apple Pie Recipes

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Apple Slab Pie

Looking for an easier version for apple pie? Try making this apple slab pie. It looks better than the regular pie, and the filling it’s also perfect. A great for feeding a crowd. Plus, you can make it the night before – or even a week before and keep it in the fridge. You’ll need to let it sit at room temperature for 20-30 minutes before you roll it out, though. Enjoy!

The Best Apple Pie Recipes

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Upside Down Apple Pie

Bored of the classic apple pie recipe? Try making this delicious upside-down apple pie because it tastes every bit as great as it looks. Just gather the needed ingredients, follow the instructions, bake until the crust is golden brown, allow to cool, and don’t forget to serve it with ice cream!

The Best Apple Pie Recipes

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Apple Pie Cupcakes

These apple pie cupcakes look and taste delicious. You can use homemade pie crust or store-bought pie crusts. Add the filling and bake them. Plus, you can serve them with or without a little scoop of ice cream, whipped cream, or caramel sauce on top. Either way, they still will taste just fine!

The Best Apple Pie Recipes

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Homemade Apple Pie Filling

Easy and quick, this amazing homemade apple pie filling is much better than other store-bought fillings. In a total time of 15 minutes with just a couple of ingredients, you’ll get the tastiest and perfectly flavorful apple pie filling. Plus, you can freeze or place in the jars and canned the filling. Have fun!

The Best Apple Pie Recipes

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Apple Pie Cookies

Sticky and chewy but delicious and flavorful, these apple pie cookies are incredible and so irresistible! A perfect combo: crust + caramel + apples = tasty and cute, just like mini apple pies. Just follow the instructions and enjoy your homemade apple pie cookies.

The Best Apple Pie Recipes

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Paula Deen’s Apple Pie

Perfectly delicious, this Paula Deen’s apple pie recipe it’s a yummy and creative way to make an apple pie at home. Perfect baked crust and simple and extra delicious filling, lattice top, and caramel drizzle, and in a total time of 55 minutes, you’ll get golden brown all-the-way-from-scratch beauty of an apple pie!

The Best Apple Pie Recipes

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The Best Apple Pie Recipes

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