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The Best Avocado Main Meal Recipes

by feminaunique

These best avocado main meal recipes are healthy, filling, unique, incredibly flavor-packed, and amazingly delicious. In other words, hands down, these best avocado main meal recipes are the best you’ll ever eat. You can choose from Asian salmon burgers with avocado and hoisin sauce, crispy avocado tacos with spicy paprika aioli, turkey bacon avocado sandwich, chili lime chicken with avocado feta salsa, lobster roll grilled avocado, fresh corn black bean, and avocado tacos, and more. With a bit of effort and following the cooking directions, you’ll have the best avocado main meal recipes that will hit all the right flavor spots. Enjoy!


Candied Jalapeno Salmon Tacos With Strawberry Avocado Salsa

Unique, healthy, tasty, and filling, these candied jalapeno salmon tacos with strawberry avocado salsa will be your favorite avocado main meal recipe. Plus, they’re easy to make, fresh, dairy-free, soy-free, and you can whip them together quickly. Just follow the cooking instructions, and don’t forget to garnish them with chopped cilantro and lime. Enjoy!

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Asian Salmon Burgers With Avocado & Hoisin Sauce

Bursting with flavors, satisfying, and super fast to make, these Asian salmon burgers with avocado and hoisin sauce are a super delicious avocado main meal recipe. Plus, you can make them before you go to bed or quick-quick in the morning, and they’ll be ready in just moments for your lunch or dinner. Serve them on whole-grain buns or, for a gluten-free option, on lettuce leaves, as a lettuce wrap. Enjoy!

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Fresh Corn Black Bean & Avocado Tacos – Chicken & Vegetarian Options

So filling and full of flavors and texture, these fresh corn black bean, and avocado tacos are a perfect avocado main meal recipe ready in less than 25 minutes. The best part is that you can make them in the chicken or vegetarian version. Just follow the cooking directions and assemble the tacos. Serve with lime wedges on the side. Enjoy!

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King Crabs Legs With Spicy Avocado Dip

Easy to make and so much cheaper than a restaurant version, these king crabs legs with spicy avocado dip are a fancy and special avocado main meal recipe that everyone will love. Just gather the needed ingredients, follow the cooking instructions and serve the crab legs with dipping sauce and scissors to open the crab shells. Enjoy!

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Turkey Bacon Avocado Sandwich

Extra filling, quick and easy to make, and super delicious, this turkey bacon avocado sandwich is the ultimate avocado main meal recipe, ready in under 30 minutes. The sandwich is a combination of toasty, salty, and sweet, and almost no cooking is involved. Plus, you can use hard roll, focaccia bread, or ciabatta bread. Assemble and slice the sandwich in half and serve it with a homemade creamy chipotle mayo. Enjoy!

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Avocado Pesto & Chicken Mexican Pizza

Ready in 35 minutes, this avocado pesto and chicken Mexican pizza is an ideal avocado main meal recipe that looks and tastes absolutely delicious. Plus, you can barbecue or cook the chicken in a pan. The avocado pesto adds a unique flavor and pairs perfectly with beans and chicken. Follow the directions and bake. Slice and serve. Optional: top with sour cream. Enjoy!

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Chili Lime Chicken With Avocado Feta Salsa

Full of flavor, low carb, and ready in 35 minutes, this chili lime chicken with avocado feta salsa is a perfect quick and easy avocado main meal recipe. Make the avocado feta salsa, and cook the chili lime chicken according to the instructions. If you do not have a grill pan or don’t want to fire up the outdoor grill, this can also be pan-seared, baked, or even air-fried. Serve the chicken topped with avocado feta salsa, and enjoy!

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Lobster Roll Grilled Avocado

Easy to make, surprisingly budget-friendly, and super flavorful, this lobster roll grilled avocado is the main meal recipe that will quickly become a family favorite. Grill the lobster, make the lobster salad, grill the avocados, assemble and serve. Garnish with green onions, salt and pepper, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Serve and enjoy!

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