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The Best Coffee Recipes

by feminaunique

For many of us, making coffee in the morning is a special ritual. Coffee brings people together, and in some way, it’s a symbol for comfort and connection. There are so many different types of coffee and variety of coffee recipes – and each one is the right way to start the day. But if you want to try something new, then we suggest making these best coffee recipes and allow yourself a homemade cup full of pleasure!

The Best Coffee Recipes


Snickerdoodle Latte

Enjoy the wonderful and rich taste of morning coffee with this Snickerdoodle latte recipe. It may look that it’s hard to prepare, but it’s not. You need four ingredients + cinnamon sugar to sprinkle on top (optional). Just add ingredients to the milk in the jar, shake and pour into the coffee. Plus, if you want, you can make several variations of this latte, just use the same amount of milk and coffee. Serve warm and enjoy!

The Best Coffee Recipes

Source: houseofyumm


White Chocolate Latte Recipe

Comforting and delicious, this white chocolate latte recipe it’s all you need in the morning. The white chocolate is overwhelming, and the whipped cream on top gives it an added layer of sweetness. It looks and tastes fantastic, and it’s ready for a total time of 10 minutes. You can top with Reddi-Wip and a dusting of cocoa!

The Best Coffee Recipes

Source: julieseatsandtreats


Caramel Brulee Coffee

If you want a richer taste, we suggest trying this caramel Brulee coffee! It’s fun to make, delicious to drink, and it makes two servings – just follow the instructions and top each mug with whipped cream and more caramel. Enjoy!

The Best Coffee Recipes

Source: foxeslovelemons


Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiato Copycat Recipe

To prepare this amazing Starbucks iced caramel macchiato copycat recipe, you only need five ingredients and to follow three simple instructions. The final result is a glass full of delicious iced macchiato. Perfect for enjoying, especially in the summer days!

The Best Coffee Recipes

Source: eugeniekitchen


Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Save time and money and prepare yourself a real homemade treat, this super delicious cold brew iced coffee. Gather the needed ingredients, follow the instructions, and serve the coffee over ice and add milk and sugar to taste. The great thing about this recipe it’s that you can keep the coffee in the refrigerator for up to one week!

The Best Coffee Recipes

Source: princesspinkygirl


Toasted Coconut Mocha

This toasted coconut mocha is absolutely stunning and a great way to start the day. You only need five minutes to prepare – it’s quick and easy, but it looks like it came from a coffee shop and taste like comfort food in liquid form!

The Best Coffee Recipes

Source: chocolatemoosey


Iced Caramel Mocha Latte

After this homemade iced caramel mocha latte, you’ll never be going to buy an iced mocha latte from the coffee store. So refreshing, easy, and quick – you need only four ingredients, and in less than two minutes, you’ll be drinking your favorite coffee. If you want, you can top your latte with a mountain of whipped cream and a few additional swirls of caramel!

The Best Coffee Recipes

Source: melaniemakes


Italian Coffee Recipe

This Italian coffee recipe is a dream come true for all the coffee lovers. The ultimate rich and decadent coffee that looks and tastes amazing – a perfect drink for the start of the day. Don’t forget to top it with chocolate shavings!

The Best Coffee Recipes

Source: nelliebellie


Vanilla Cinnamon Iced Coffee

Want to try a perfect vanilla cinnamon iced coffee? Then make this recipe that looks yummy and addicting in a positive way! Perfection and a huge hit. Don’t forget to serve it up – in a BIG mason jar when your friends come to visit you at your home!

The Best Coffee Recipes

Source: thenovicechefblog


The Best Coffee Recipes

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