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The Best Delicious Fruit Cookies Recipes

by feminaunique

If you’re in a hurry but want to eat something sweet and tasty, we suggest trying these best delicious fruit cookies recipes. They’re easy and quick to make, so you’ll save time. They also have amazing fruit aromas and flavors and are made with simple ingredients that will make them soft, fluffy, and chewy. You can choose from raspberry cheesecake cookies, cranberry cookies, lemon sugar cookies, cherry almond cookies, and more. These sweet fruit treats are ideal for any occasion and taste even better than the store-bought!


Raspberry Cheesecake Cookies Recipe

Flavorful and delicious, these raspberry cheesecake cookies are not difficult to make even if you’re a beginner. The raspberries and cheesecake just belong together so that the cookies will be an absolute hit! Quick, chewy, chocolaty, and buttery, the cookies are fun to make and even more fun to eat – a must-make recipe!

Source: boulderlocavore


Apple Pie Cookies Recipe

These apple pie cookies are truly the most delicious little cookies you’ll ever try! They look just like mini apple pies with crusty and crumble dough and amazing apple pie filling. The final touch it the sweet and buttery oatmeal crust with finely chopped pecans on top of each cookie. A perfect way to satisfy your apple pie cravings!

Source: eatingrichly


Cranberry Cookies Recipe

We all love to eat cranberry cookies because they give that tasty tartness to the sweet, and these cranberry cookies capture that taste in the best way. They’re super easy to make – mix the batter, plop it on a cookie sheet, and bake. Plus, you can make them ahead of time or freeze them for up to a month. Enjoy!

Source: crayonsandcravings


Lemon Sugar Cookies Recipes

These lemon sugar cookies are the perfect treats for any season of the year. Really yummy and easy to make – they’ll quickly disappear overnight. The sweet and tart combination it’s delightful, and the cookies are perfectly soft and chewy inside and a bit crispy on the edges – they taste even better than the store-bought. Just follow the instructions and enjoy your new favorite sugar cookies!

Source: realhousemoms


Blueberry Spelt Butter Cookies Recipe

Simple and easy to make, these blueberry spelt butter cookies will be the next favorites on your regular cookie menu. They’re soft and buttery and full of fresh blueberries – a perfect delicious sweet treats. The only real bit of faffing is rolling the dough out and trying to get the cookies as round as you can. Optional, after baking, sprinkle the cookies with a little sugar. Have fun!

Source: thespeltkitchen


Cherry Almond Cookies Recipe

Colorful and flavorful, these cherry almond cookies are delicious and so much fun to make. Gather the needed ingredients, follow the steps, and bake. In the end, drizzle the cookies with melted white chocolate. They’re great for any occasion, and you can serve them with ice cream and a hot cup of coffee!

Source: savorandsavvy


Toffee Apple Pie Cookies Recipe

These delicious toffee apple pie cookies are perfect and most comforting sweet snack full of flavors. In other words, the cookies are a unique and tasty dessert. After baking, glaze the cookies with fresh lemon glaze and garnish them with a sprinkle of lemon zest. An ideal balance between warm and crisp, tart and sweet – so you’ll immediately fall in love with them!

Source: foodmeanderings


Blood Orange Ricotta Cookies Recipe

Fluffy, soft, and delicious, these blood orange ricotta cookies are a must-try recipe. They’re also super moist and flavorful with the lovely citrus pink color icing and very cake-like inside with a wonderful orange flavor – a perfect finger-licking treats. Happy baking!

Source: christinascucina


Italian Lemon Ricotta Cookies Recipe

If you’re looking for soft-baked, and tasty cookies, then these chewy Italian lemon ricotta cookies are just for you! The ricotta will make the cookies perfectly soft and moist, and the lemony glaze it’s slightly tang but incredibly delicious. The bottoms are a bit crispy, but the cookies are light and fluffy. Don’t forget to decorate them with nonpareils or sprinkles!

Source: cookedbyjulie



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