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The Best DIY Halloween

by feminaunique

Because of the Covid-19 situation, this year, we will be at home with our family for Halloween, but that must not stop us from creating fun, and exciting decorations, crafts, tricks, treats, costumes and adequately celebrate Halloween. We believe that some of these best DIY Halloween will attract your attention, and you’ll be more than happy to make them in the circle of your family with loved ones. You can choose from DIY Halloween footprints but no footprints banner, DIY colorful Halloween wreath, DIY paper Halloween luminaries, DIY Halloween monster smile, DIY Halloween candy corn bath bombs, DIY mix and match wooden pumpkin face decoration, DIY dollar tree pumpkin, DIY Halloween wooden pumpkins, and more. Halloween is one of our favorite holidays to decorate around, so don’t waste time, choose some of these best DIY Halloween, and be prepared on time. Happy Halloween, friends, and stay safe!


DIY Halloween Favor Bags

These DIY Halloween favor bags are a super fun way to wrap up a Halloween themed gift, or an excellent way to send your child to school is a super fun Halloween lunch bag. In a total time of 25 minutes, using just a printed Halloween favor bag template and some tools, you’ll have to choose a perfect Dracula, Frankenstein, or the Witch favor bags. Have fun!

Source: partywithunicorns


DIY Halloween Footprints But No Footprints Banner

These DIY Halloween footprints but no footprints banner are a super easy and cute idea for Halloween. Plus, it can be done by your kids. Gather the needed ingredients, follow the video tutorial or step-by-step instructions, and create spooky but cute little footprints. In a couple of minutes, you’ll have a unique banner. Have fun!

Source: shimmeringstrings


DIY Origami Witch

Fun to make, this DIY origami witch is a perfect Halloween challenge to do this Halloween together as a family. It’s a little time consuming but look on the positive side – you’ll be able to create a unique model with real character and a sense of fun. Because the last couple of steps are shaping to taste, no two Origami Witches will ever be the same, and they will all have that feeling of being a bit of a caricature. Just follow the video tutorial and have fun making your Halloween witch!

Source: origamiexpressions


DIY Colorful Halloween Wreath

If you’re a fan of Halloween wreaths, then this DIY colorful Halloween wreath will be your next favorite. It’s super colorful and exciting and looks fantastic on the front door. Plus, it’s a very fun alternative if you’re not into the usual black-orange-purple Halloween situation and the traditional orange-and-black Halloween decor. Gather the materials, tools, and follow the instructions. In a total time of one hour, your new wreath will be ready. Have fun!

Source: lovelyindeed


Halloween DIY Easy Over the Door Hanger

This Halloween DIY easy over the door hanger is a very clever and super cute idea. Plus, it’s budget-friendly and will solve your problem for social distancing for trick or treating. You can get items that you can just insert that are decorative in themselves. Follow the instructions, add all little decorations, and hang the hanger over the front door. The kids will be thrilled!

Source: redneckrhapsody


DIY Halloween Monster Slime

This DIY Halloween monster smile is fun to make, looks so goopy, and the kids will absolutely love it. You’ll need a few simple supplies you can purchase at the grocery and dollar stores, and just to follow the instructions. Once the glitter is incorporated into the slime, it will not stick to your hands. Have fun, and remember, adult supervision is required at all times for this craft project!

Source: ottawamommyclub


DIY Light Up Halloween Pumpkins

These DIY light up Halloween pumpkins are effortless last-minute Halloween project. It goes together so quickly, so you can literally make them in an hour. Gather the ingredients and follow the instruction steps. The result will be colorful and cute light up Halloween pumpkins ready for your porch. Have fun!

Source: girljustdiy


DIY Halloween Candy Corn Bath Bomb

Easy and fun to make, these DIY Halloween candy corn bath bombs are homemade and made with natural ingredients. Just gather the needed supplies, follow the directions and steps, and if you are planning to give them away as gifts, try making them in snap-together ornaments instead of a bath bomb mold. Once they are completely dry, use the ornament case as a protective cover!

Source: creativegreenliving


DIY Halloween Costumes & Decorations

All of these DIY Halloween costumes and decorations are such a great collection of Halloween projects – easy, festive, fun, and cute. You can make your handmade sign with a DIY frame and a DIY serving tray. Or you can make simple BOO embroidery hoop door hanger, DIY spiders, inexpensive Pumpkin Halloween costumes and matching treat bags for your kids, and more. Whatever you choose, it will be a terrific idea for Halloween!

Source: kippiathome


DIY Mix & Match Wooden Pumpkin Face Decoration

This DIY mix and match wooden pumpkin face decoration is really a creative and fun idea for Halloween. You’re going to end up painting four full faces on this DIY mix and match wooden pumpkin face decoration, but it actually gives you 256 possible faces. Follow the instructions, and when the pieces are completely dry, spray a coat of spar urethane on each piece so that you can use this pumpkin decoration inside or outside. Have fun!

Source: drugstoredivas


DIY Fabric Pumpkins

These DIY fabric pumpkins are the ideal no-sew interior Halloween decorations. Plus, they’re inexpensive, practical, and easy to store for years to come. Gather the needed materials and follow the instructions on how to make the fabric pumpkins. The ribbon and fabric are the only things you will need to keep until next year. Grab a stick and your favorite fabric and make your own in a pinch!

Source: hillcitybride


DIY Dollar Tree Pumpkin

Inexpensive and fun to make, this DIY dollar tree pumpkin is a perfect Halloween idea for trick or treating this 2020. It offers a social distancing safe factor, and you can use it to make a door hanger, or it can work equally well for displaying on a table if you prefer. You can put whatever type of candy or treat you choose or put items other than “sweets” in the bags. Have fun!

Source: redneckrhapsody


DIY Ram Or Aries Horns

Simple to make and so creative, these DIY ram horns are perfect for a homemade Halloween Aries costume. Just gather the needed materials and follow the step-by-step photos and detailed instructions. Yes, it is a time-consuming project that requires patience and a lot of dry time, so it’s preferable to start making them as soon as possible. Have fun!

Source: familyfocusblog


DIY Halloween Wooden Pumpkins

These DIY Halloween wooden pumpkins are so adorable that it will look great on any porch or hearth. You will need a couple of materials, some tools, and lots of patience to make them, but they’re worth it the effort. Follow the detailed instructions and have fun!

Source: drugstoredivas


DIY Halloween Cupcake Liner Wreath

Ready in less than 30 minutes, this DIY Halloween cupcake liner wreath is a stunning wreath made in just four steps. Plus, it is a pretty inexpensive project and way cheaper than going out and buying a new wreath. Gather the needed supplies and follow the step-by-step instructions. Have fun, and when the wreath is ready, hang it on your favorite home place using a wreath hanger!

Source: modpodgerocksblog


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