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The Best DIY Ideas For Halloween

by feminaunique

Halloween is one of our favorite fun and festive holidays – it’s the season where adults become kids again, and everything is fun and magical for children. If you’re looking for new, fun, and interesting ideas, DIY, crafts, or decorations, then these best how to make for Halloween are the right choice. You can choose from DIY adorable Halloween footprint ghosts, DIY Halloween trick or treat bag, DIY Halloween crackers, Halloween glow in the dark stick figure costume, sweetest filled witch’s hats, Halloween skeletons, upcycled Halloween luminaries, and more. All of them are easy, cute, and made with simple supplies and materials. Choose whether it is scary or cute is up to you and have fun!


DIY Halloween Bat-Winged Envelope

Cute and easy, this DIY Halloween bat-winged envelope is perfect for your printable invitation. It is super easy and will wow your guests when they receive it. Print the template, gather the needed materials, and follow the step-by-step instructions. Don’t forget to wrap the envelope with the ribbon and make a nice bow. Have fun!

Source: aprettycelebration


DIY Adorable Halloween Footprint Ghosts

If you love handprint and footprint art, then these DIY adorable Halloween footprint ghosts are more than decoration. They’re fun to make and will become a piece of your child’s past. Gather the needed supplies, and follow the instructions. Don’t forget to date the footprint ghosts and write names next to the prints so you can remember the moment and the smallness of children’s feet on future Halloweens. Have fun!

Source: coffeeandcarpool


DIY Halloween Candy Wreath

Fun, easy, and full of candies, this DIY Halloween candy wreath is a super simple project that doesn’t cost very much to make. Just gather the needed supplies and follow the step-by-step instructions. Hang your wreath on the door, and if you like, download, print, and make a BOO kit that includes a “you’ve been booed card.” Have fun!

Source: newlywedsurvival


DIY Halloween Trick Or Treat Bag

This DIY Halloween trick or treat bag is really easy, perfect for beginner sewists. Gather the materials, and start the process. It may look like a lot of work, but you’ll don’t have any problems sewing the bags if you follow the instructions. You could add more pairs of eyes in different colors or put eyes on both sides of the bags. Have fun!

Source: sumoftheirstories


DIY Oozing Blood Slime

This DIY oozing blood slime is the creepiest and grossest looking slime – perfect for Halloween. Plus, it’s made with non-toxic materials. Just gather the supplies, and follow the easy directions. The fun is mixing it until it’s a perfect consistency. Knead with your hands until it doesn’t stick anymore. Have fun!

Source: militaryfamof8


DIY Halloween Crackers

These cute little tubes are the best DIY Halloween crackers you’ll make for Halloween. They’re easy and ready in a total time of 20 minutes. Your job is to gather the needed materials, follow the steps, and your cracker will be done. You can have people open them tug-of-war style, where one person grabs on either end and pulls, or one person can pull apart both sides by themselves. Have fun!

Source: lovelyindeed


Halloween Luminaries From Recycled Glass Jars

These Halloween luminaries from recycled glass jars are a fantastic idea for Halloween. Gather the supplies, follow the directions, and transform unuseful empty glass jars into adorable Halloween luminaries. Dry time will vary depending on temperature and humidity in your area, but you can help speed it along with a hairdryer if desired. Have fun!

Source: creativegreenliving


Halloween Glow In The Dark Stick Figure Costume

This Halloween glow in the dark stick figure costume is inexpensive and a perfect last-minute DIY project for Halloween. Plus, it’s totally customizable, so swap out the colors, add some sweet hair or even a cute skirt. Gather the supplies, follow the directions, and video tutorial. Have fun!

Source: creativegreenliving


Friendly Spiders From Upcycled Flower Pots

These friendly spiders from upcycled flower pots are such a cute and fun Halloween project. They’re a perfect way to repurpose used terracotta pots, or if needed, you can pick up some new ones at your local craft store or dollar store for less than $1 each. Follow the directions and have fun!

Source: creativegreenliving


Sweetest Filled Witch’s Hats

These sweetest filled witch’s hats are such an adorable and fun to make sweet treats for any Halloween party. You’ll need a couple of ingredients for the cookies and the witch’s hats and follow the cooking instructions. The most fun part is decoration – follow the step-by-step directions, and don’t forget to allow the cookies to dry for 1 hour before serving. Enjoy!

Source: militaryfamof8


DIY Halloween Unicorn Pumpkins

Easy and adorable, these DIY Halloween unicorn pumpkins are made with no sharp tools and with no carving mess. You can make a cute unicorn girl pumpkin or a cool unicorn boy pumpkin with sunglasses. Gather the supplies and follow the simple directions. You can freehand the way you cut out ears, flowers, and other accessories. Have fun!

Source: creativegreenliving


Halloween Skeletons

Easy and budget-friendly, this Halloween skeleton is a fun handmade project perfect for decorating your Halloween yard. You can make with pallet wood, pressure, or pressure-treated lumber. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but it’s totally worth it. Just follow the instructions, use the printout to trace on the face features, and have fun!

Source: kippiathome


DIY Halloween Tin Can Ghost Wind Chime

This DY Halloween tin can ghost wind chime is a cute craft perfect for Halloween. Plus, you can make several and hang them from a tree in your yard or in groups on your porch. Gather the needed supplies and follow the directions – paint the cans, make the ghost’s friendly face, and join the cans. Hang it up, and have fun!

Source: creativegreenliving


Upcycled Halloween Luminaries

If you have excess jars in your home, you can use them and transform them into these cute upcycled Halloween luminaries. Or if you don’t have a glass jar stash, you can always buy them. Just gather the needed supplies and follow the directions. When all is done, add your light, and you’re good to go. Have fun!

Source: creativegreenliving



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