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The Best Guinness Recipes

by feminaunique

Yeah, the St. Patrick’s Day is nearby again! Need some new exciting ideas, what yummy to cook? Try making these best Guinness recipes with the most famous dark pub beer Guinness aka” The Black Stuff.” These recipes are not just good looking; they are also amazingly delicious and tasteful. From savory to sweet with lots of yummy flavors – you won’t be disappointed!

The Best Guinness Recipes


Irish Beef and Guinness Stew

You will genuinely enjoy this Irish beef and Guinness stew. Simple to make and has excellent flavor depth. It takes patience to make, but it’s delicious and worth it. Plus, you can serve it with creamy mashed potatoes!

The Best Guinness Recipes

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Guinness Beef Shepherd’s Pie

Two thumbs up for this Guinness beef Shepherd’s pie that is delicious. It’s a fun and comforting dinner idea that it’s hard to resist. Rich and meaty, flavorful, and super yummy!

The Best Guinness Recipes

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Guinness Glazed Meatballs

Love meatballs? Then you must try these Guinness glazed meatballs! They are the best appetizer to make. Plus, they look fabulous and are delicious, with lots of flavors – savory, sweet, and tangy. Try making them at your next party!

The Best Guinness Recipes

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Beef & Guinness Hand Pies

These beef and Guinness hand pies are utterly delicious satisfaction. These pies would be great to serve up at any St. Patrick’s Day-themed dinner parties – a yummy temptation – you would find it hard to stop at one!

The Best Guinness Recipes

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Guinness and Irish Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese

Guinness and Irish cheddar macaroni and cheese are amazingly creamy, cheese, and crunchy. Plus, the easy part is that there’s no need to turn on your oven. It’s all made on the stovetop. Serve immediately and enjoy!

The Best Guinness Recipes

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Guinness Pulled Pork Sliders with Creamy Dijon Slaw

These Guinness pulled pork sliders with creamy dijon slaw not only sound, but they also taste delicious. A proper hearty, tasty appetizer for game-day – You need to make these soon!

The Best Guinness Recipes

Source: nomageddon


Guinness Dubliner Dip

The Guinness Dubliner dip with be a terrific appetizer for any cocktail party. Caramelized onions, robust Dubliner cheese, and some good old’ Guinness beer. Allow the dip to cool for 10 to 15 minutes before serving with the toasted rye slices.

The Best Guinness Recipes

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Stout Beer Braised Short Ribs

These Stout Beer Braised short ribs are pure, delicious perfection – hearty and incredibly fall-apart tender! Don’t forget to serve them over colcannon or with some Irish soda bread to soak up all that luscious beer gravy goodness. Enjoy!

The Best Guinness Recipes

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Death by Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes

Death by chocolate Guinness cupcakes look fantastic and are a huge hit! The combination of chocolate and Guinness is incredible, and people will be VERY appreciative when these show up at a party. Cheers to boozy baking!

The Best Guinness Recipes

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Guinness Floats

If you’re a huge fan of Guinness, then you must try these Guinness floats! These are absolutely stunning – a perfect dessert idea for St Patty’s Day with a chocolate drizzle on top!

The Best Guinness Recipes

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Five Ingredient Guinness Brownies

These five-ingredient Guinness brownies look incredible, taste delicious. The outside of the brownies is crisp, and the center is sweet and chewy. The taste of the Guinness stood out nicely with the vanilla ice cream on top of the brownies. They are perfect for any event, bake the day before, and everything is ready!

The Best Guinness Recipes

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The Best Guinness Recipes

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