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The Best Halloween Cakes

by feminaunique

We believe that Halloween without cakes, it’s not complete. So. if you’re in a search for the perfect Halloween cake, we suggest trying some of these best Halloween cakes. All of them are the perfect desserts for a spooky night – creepy and scary, fun, and festive, but absolutely delicious and Halloween themed. You can choose from Halloween rice cakes, Halloween disgustingly oozy brain cake, witch cauldron mug cake, and more. Just follow the instructions, serve, and enjoy. Happy Halloween, friends!


Vegan Chocolate Cake

It looks delightful and tastes fantastic – this vegan chocolate cake it’s absolutely gorgeous. Ready in a total time of 40 minutes, the cake is fluffy and covered with a rich, decadent, and delicious vegan buttercream frosting. Follow the instructions, and decorate with homemade pumpkin-shaped candy. Serve and enjoy!

Source: littlesunnykitchen


Halloween Rice Cakes

Adorable, fun to make, and healthy, these Halloween rice cakes are a simple and creative idea for Halloween. It’s an excellent recipe for all ages and fun to do together – you’ll need just small patience for chopping the fruit. Plus, you can play around with different flavor rice cakes and fruit combos. Follow the instructions, and in 10 minutes, you’ll have your spooky Halloween rice cakes. Serve and enjoy!

Source: amummytoo


Halloween Crispy Cakes

These Halloween crispy cakes are the best Halloween treats and so much better than the usual cupcakes. They’re perfectly sweet, crisp, and ready in 25 minutes. Properly stored, they should keep for two days before starting to go soft. If frozen, they should keep for 4-6 weeks. Gather the needed ingredients, and follow the cooking instructions. The cakes will only take about 15 minutes to set, then you can serve and enjoy!

Source: amummytoo


Halloween Disgustingly Oozy Brain Cake

Super cool, unique, tasty, and easy to make, this Halloween disgustingly oozy brain cake is an excellent addition to any Halloween party. Gather the ingredients, and follow the cooking instructions. If possible, refrigerate the cake before you set it out for display, and pour some of the saved fillings on the top of the brain. Serve and enjoy!

Source: militaryfamof8


Witch Cauldron Mug Cake

Halloween themed and absolutely delicious – this witch cauldron mug cake is a chocolate mug cake made in a ceramic witch cauldron. Plus, it’s a super fun activity for families to do together. Gather the ingredients, follow the cooking instructions, and as soon as it’s cooled a bit, you can go ahead and put the frosting on and start decorating. Serve and enjoy!

Source: bitzngiggles


Halloween Rice Krispie Cake

Easy and made in 10 minutes, this Halloween rice Krispie cake is such a cute and inexpensive idea for any Halloween party. Follow the cooking instructions, let cool and place a plate over the pan. Invert the pan, so the “cake” sits on the plate. Slice into wedges to serve. It can be sliced into 20 pieces. Enjoy!

Source: eatingrichly


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