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The Best Halloween Cocktails

by feminaunique

It’s time to celebrate Halloween, and the best way to celebrate is with these best Halloween cocktails. All of them are perfectly spooky, fun to make, and delicious – ideal for any Halloween party. You can choose from melting witch Halloween non-alcoholic punch, Halloween zombie cocktail, black magic Halloween sangria, Halloween bourbon cider pumpkin keg, shimmering Halloween magical cocktail, and more. We hope you’ll enjoy all of these best Halloween cocktails as much as we did. Happy Halloween, friends!


Halloween Dark Magic Margarita

This Halloween dark magic margarita is a very special cocktail in honor of the fall season – sweet, sophisticated, and a little bit earthy. Just gather the ingredients and follow the instructions. Top with soda water if desired. Garnish with a half-round of plum or cocktail stirrer with blackberries. Serve and enjoy!

Source: straighttothehipsbaby


Melting Witch Halloween Non-Alcoholic Punch

If you’re having a huge Halloween party, this melting witch Halloween non-alcoholic punch is ideal for you. Plus, it is a spooky, fun, and green punch perfect for a witch-themed or kids Halloween party. Gather the ingredients, follow the instructions, and add the decorations. Place witch hats and brooms on mounds of sherbert, then add candy eyes. Serve immediately. Enjoy!

Source: foodmeanderings


Witch’s Brew Punch With Apple Heads

Easy and perfect for any Halloween party, this witch’s brew punch with apple heads has sophisticate fall flavor, and it’s absolutely delicious. Follow the instructions and optional: add Tennesee Honey Whiskey for an adult version of this punch or add honey, lemonade, or fruit juice for extra flavor. Serve, and enjoy!

Source: mightymrs


Halloween Punch With Eyeballs

Fruity and delicious, this Halloween punch with eyeballs is such a fun drink for Halloween. With no added sugars and processed additives, and you can make a kid-friendly version without alcohol. Plus, the eyeballs are totally natural. Just follow the instructions, and freeze the juice bottles and rum in the freezer for a few hours before serving. Shortly before serving, mix all the punch ingredients together. Keep chilled until ready to serve. Enjoy!

Source: fooddoodles


Halloween Zombie Cocktail

This Halloween zombie cocktail is one of the best cocktails for Halloween. Quick and easy, it’s ready in 10 minutes, just gather the needed ingredients and follow the simple steps. Pour the cocktail into a highball glass filled with ice. Stir with a bar spoon and garnish with a cherry and orange slice. Serve and enjoy!

Source: baconismagic


Halloween Spiked Toxic Tonic

This Halloween spiked toxic tonic is a perfect addition for the grown-ups to your Halloween dinner. It has sweet, tangy, and such a delicious, unique flavor that no one will believe it’s so easy to prepare. Follow the instructions, make sure you find appropriate glassware, use your favorite white wine, or make it a non-alcoholic version. Serve and enjoy!

Source: ottawamommyclub


Black Magic Halloween Sangria

This black magic Halloween sangria is delicious and easily customizable sangria recipe for your next grown-up Halloween party. Plus, it’s fun, festive, and takes just a few minutes to mix together. Also, you may prepare this sangria for up to 4 hours in advance. Follow the instructions, chill, and serve. Enjoy!

Source: theforkedspoon


Halloween Pomegranate S’Cream Soda

This Halloween pomegranate s’cream soda is a bloody good adult treat made with four ingredients. Follow the instructions, and optional serve it with whip cream and a few pomegranate seeds and then pour the remaining pomegranate syrup on top. Serve it with a straw or spoon in the glass since you will need to stir the cream soda before drinking it. Enjoy!

Source: newlywedsurvival


Halloween Bourbon Cider Pumpkin Keg

This Halloween bourbon cider pumpkin keg is creative and fun to make an idea for any Halloween party. Just choose whether you want your bourbon cider hot or cold. Follow the instructions, and if you’re serving the cider immediately, add in the optional pumpkin puree, and use the largest amount of add-ins. If you’re letting sit in the fridge overnight or serving hot, you can use the smaller amount and skip the pumpkin puree. Enjoy!

Source: eatingrichly


Shimmering Halloween Magical Cocktail

Incredibly simple and fun to make, this shimmering Halloween magical cocktail is the perfect easy Halloween drink. Just follow the instructions, use the magic ingredient to make the drink shine with magical swirls of light, and watch the magic happen. Serve and enjoy!

Source: tikkido


Halloween Formula Soda Station

Cute and easy to make, this Halloween formula soda station is perfect for a non-alcoholic Halloween party. You can fill the test tubes with different colors and flavors of soda, or you could easily use juices, Kool-Aid, or even just colored waters. Plus, you can let the kids mix and match the sodas (start with a partial cup full, or you’ll need a lot of test tubes) to add to their beverage. Enjoy, and have fun!

Source: tikkido


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