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The Best Hibiscus Flower Recipes

by feminaunique

It may look strange and impossible, but dried Hibiscus flowers are edible, and you can cook them. Plus, they’re rich in Vitamin C, contain minerals such as flavonoids, have laxative properties, and even can help with weight loss. We suggest making these best Hibiscus flower recipes and expand your culinary expectations.
You can eat Hibiscus flowers as a snack, make tea, sprinkle them onto your favorite meal, or add them to make various dessert recipes. It’s up to you!

The Best Hibiscus Flower Recipes


Hibiscus Tea

Whatever you serve hot or cold, this Hibiscus tea recipe it’s so delicious and refreshing – not too sweet but so flavorful. Plus, the tea it’s non-alcoholic and is made like any other tea. Garnish with limes. You will definitely be making the tea again and again!

The Best Hibiscus Flower Recipes

Source: culinaryhill


Hibiscus Margarita Sorbet

Need an idea of what to serve on a girl’s weekend or at a dinner party? We have a suggestion, make this delicious Hibiscus margarita sorbet. The recipe is easy and quick, with five ingredients. Yes, you’ll need to wait 1 hour to freeze the sorbet, but it worth it because it looks and tastes amazing!

The Best Hibiscus Flower Recipes

Source: lepetiteats


Hibiscus Rose Latte

This Hibiscus rose latte is a great lighter alternative to coffee!
You’ll absolutely love it because it’s cozy and completely dairy-free, and it’s ready in under 10 minutes. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful latte made with lovely tea and oat milk–EVER. Must try!

The Best Hibiscus Flower Recipes

Source: choosingchia


Honey Hibiscus Tea Popsicles

Fun and easy to make, these honey Hibiscus tea popsicles are a total hit and perfect for those hot summer days. They’re deliciously sweet and refreshing treats for which you’ll need to wait at least 6 hours or overnight. But you’ll completely enjoy them. For the final touch, drizzle them with white chocolate.

The Best Hibiscus Flower Recipes

Source: thepigandquill


Homemade Hibiscus Syrup

This homemade Hibiscus syrup is so pretty and such a perfect springy idea. It’s cheaper than commercially prepared bottles and is one of the easiest things in the world to make. Just follow the recipe directions and give it a try!

The Best Hibiscus Flower Recipes

Source: sprinklebakes


Mini Vegan Chocolate Hibiscus Cake

Colorful and delicious, this mini vegan chocolate Hibiscus cake it’s a divine recipe. Plus, it’s dairy-free with a mildly sweet hibiscus icing and ready in a total time of 50 minutes. Follow the instructions and enjoy!

The Best Hibiscus Flower Recipes

Source: thealmondeater


Hibiscus Madeleines

Soft and pretty, these Hibiscus madeleines are incredibly flavorful and tasty. They’re quick and easy – you’ll need 30 minutes to prepare them. Don’t forget to cover them with dusted powdered sugar and store the leftovers (if they remain at all) in a refrigerator in an air-tight container.

The Best Hibiscus Flower Recipes

Source: aclassictwist


Glazed Hibiscus Shortbread Cookies

It may look like a lot of work, but these glazed Hibiscus shortbread cookies are worth the effort. They have a tart and tangy flavor but are super sweet and delicious. Just follow the directions, bake and glaze them. They’re absolutely magical!

The Best Hibiscus Flower Recipes

Source: bakingthegoods


Hibiscus Marshmallows

These Hibiscus marshmallows are so pretty and inspirational, with soft pink color, such unique and healthy desserts. They have a delicate texture and a touch of tart flavor and are absolutely amazing. Store them in an airtight container for up to 3 weeks.

The Best Hibiscus Flower Recipes

Source: notwithoutsalt


Hibiscus Pavlova with Lemon-Hibiscus Cream

Lovely to look at and lovely to eat, this Hibiscus Pavlova with Lemon-Hibiscus cream tastes amazingly delicious – such an incredibly special dessert! Prepare the meringue, cook the Hibiscus syrup, make the lemon-hibiscus cream, and assemble the dessert. It has a taste you’ve never found before, and you’ll be so happy to discover!

The Best Hibiscus Flower Recipes

Source: epicurious


Hibiscus Lemon Bars

These Hibiscus lemon bars are lovely perfect spring treats. They look so pretty in that sweet shade of pink and tastes very refreshing. Plus, You can use any good Hibiscus tea. So if you only have bagged tea, tear it open and use the loose tea. They’re gorgeous and delicious – a nice way to give classic lemon bars a flavorful twist.

The Best Hibiscus Flower Recipes

Source: theviewfromgreatisland


The Best Hibiscus Flower Recipes



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