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The Best Oreo Cookies

by feminaunique

Love Oreo cookies? You’re in the right place because we have the best ideas for making the most creative and delicious oreo cookie animals. These recipes are fun and easy to make – you use oreo’s as a base, and with a little imagination and other ingredients, you can create animal cookies suitable for all kind occasions. Have fun!


Sweetheart Oreo Bear Cookies

Easy and delicious, these sweetheart oreo bear cookies are ideal for your next themed party. All you need is Oreos, dark chocolate melting waffles, pink candy melts, small edible eyes, confetti heart sprinkles, and follow the recipe. Don’t forget to set aside for the chocolate to harden before eating them!

Full recipe here


Chocolate Covered Oreo Critter Cookies

Want something cute and crafty but also easy to make and deliciously tasty that include oreo cookies? These chocolate covered oreo critter cookies are for you! There is no-bake, and you need just six ingredients to prepare them!

Full recipe here


Frog Oreos

At first glance, it may seem that these Frog Oreos are complicated, but on the contrary, they are so easy and fun for preparing. You need just a little patience, the required supplies, and to follow the directions of the recipe. You can even include your kids in the making process!

Full recipe here


Polar Bear Cookies

These Polar Bear Cookies are the cutest cookies perfect for the fun winter-themed party or easy holiday party dessert. Let the kids make them and don’t despair if your version is not entirely as accurate as of the original, because they taste delicious!

Full recipe here


Ladybug Cookies

You have no idea how to use Oreo cookies at home? Try making these Ladybug Oreos cookies! Great for parties or just afterschool snack, they are easy to make, and your children will love them!

Full recipe here


Shamrock Unicorn Cookies

These Shamrock Unicorn Cookies are a big hit – delicious and easy to make with just a few ingredients. No fancy decorating skills needed only follow the step-by-step instructions and have fun!

Full recipe here


Oreo Cats

Looking for something super cute and tasty? Make these adorable Oreo Cats cookies. Ideal for any themed party, these cookies you can make in advance and store in an airtight container for up to a few weeks!

Full recipe here


Chocolate Covered Oreo Animals Cookies

These cookies are based on the characters from an animated movie. Sound tempting? Yes, they are not just amazing but also tasty and easy to make. Follow the instructions and let the frosting set until it is hard before starting to eat the cookies!

Full recipe here


Koala Oreo Cookies

Oh, such adorable koala oreo cookies! An excellent idea for your next themed party. Using candy melts and candy clay – these koala oreo cookies are lovely and tasty – just too cute to eat them!

Full recipe here


Sweet Lamb Oreo Cookies

These Lamb Oreo Cookies look and taste absolutely delicious. Plus, they are no-bake and easy dessert recipe to make, and your children will be begging you to make more as soon as they’re gone!

Full recipe here


Bunny Cookies

Need an idea for a perfect oreo dessert for the upcoming Easter or themed party? These little adorable Bunny Cookies are really simple to make and will do the job!

Full recipe here

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