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The Best Potato Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes

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Potato side dish recipes are among the favorite side dish meals for holidays and any other special occasion, so we constantly search for new potato side dish recipes every year to please our family and quests. If you want this Thanksgiving to have something new and unique, you definitely should try these best potato Thanksgiving side dish recipes. Choose from cheesy bacon scalloped potatoes, sweet potato souffle, mashed potatoes with sour cream, mashed red potatoes, potatoes Dauphinoise, and more. The recipes are super delicious and perfect for Thanksgiving, your Easter dinner, Christmas, or even just for Sunday dinner. Enjoy them warm!


Scalloped Potatoes

Savory, tasty, and comforting, these scalloped potatoes are easy to make and would be the perfect side dish for any holiday table. Gather the needed ingredients, follow the cooking instructions, and bake the potatoes according to the directions. You’ll get super tender potatoes in a creamy onion sauce baked to golden perfection. Allow them to rest for 15 minutes before serving and enjoy!

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Cheesy Bacon Scalloped Potatoes

Super easy to make and so delicious, this cheesy bacon scalloped potatoes is going to be your next all-time favorite side dish. The dish is creamy and cheesy and looks fancy, and you’ll love the layers of soft, thinly sliced potatoes, cheese sauce, and bacon. Follow the step-by-step cooking instructions and bake the potatoes. Before serving, leave the casserole to stand 5 to 10 minutes to allow the sauce to thicken. Enjoy!

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Sweet Mashed Potatoes

Creamy, comforting, and vegetarian, these sweet mashed potatoes are a super tasty side dish for a Sunday roast dinner, thanksgiving dinner, or Christmas dinner. Make them according to the cooking directions, and when the potatoes are ready, add salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste. Transfer the mashed sweet potatoes into a serving bowl and garnish with chives. Serve immediately.

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Sweet Potato Souffle

This sweet potato souffle is as delicious as it looks. The potatoes have an extra creamy, slightly fluffy, and light texture and the topping is loaded with buttery brown sugar streusel that is crunchy and sweet, adding texture to every bite of this souffle. Follow the cooking directions and bake the souffle for about 35 minutes. Once the potatoes are warm, and the topping is golden brown, you can dig in. Serve and enjoy!

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Mashed Red Potatoes

These mashed red potatoes are so easy to make but ideal side dish for your holiday table. The potatoes are lightly salty and rich with olive oil, butter, and garlic, so you’ll want to serve these potatoes with everything. If you’re not a fan of olive oil in these mashed red potatoes, no problem – just increase the butter to 10 tablespoons and skip the olive oil. Make them, garnish with chives if desired, and serve. Enjoy them warm!

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Mashed Potatoes With Sour Cream

Easy to make, buttery, creamy, and incredibly satisfying, these mashed potatoes with sour cream are extra delicious, so you’ll get the perfect bite every time. In 40 minutes, you’ll get perfectly cooked mashed potatoes that are rich and fairly dense and taste amazing. Feel free to leave out the garlic or scallions or add more. Serve the dish immediately with extra pats of butter on top if desired. Enjoy!

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Easy Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes

These easy cheesy scalloped potatoes are made with simple everyday ingredients and are incredibly comforting, creamy, cheesy, and rich. Thinly sliced potatoes are cooked in a garlicky cream mixture that thickens in the oven for irresistible layers of potato heaven. Bake them according to the directions and let the potatoes sit for 5-10 minutes before serving. You can keep the leftovers for 3-5 days in the fridge. Enjoy!

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Potatoes Dauphinoise

Vegetarian, incredibly easy to make, and super tasty, this potatoes dauphinoise is creamy, cheesy, rich side dish and a real crowd-pleaser perfect for Christmas and Thanksgiving. In other words, if you like potato gratin, you’re going to love this dish because it’s total comfort food, tasty, filling, and indulgent, full of potatoes, cream, and cheese. Make it according to the cooking instructions, bake, and serve with seasonal vegetables, a nut roast, or whatever you fancy!

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