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The Best St. Patrick’s Day Craft Activities For Adults

by feminaunique

Looking for easy St. Patrick’s Day craft activities for adults? Then you’ll love these best St. Patrick’s Day craft activities for adults. All of them are festive, cute, creative, and fun to make. You can choose from a free printable leprechaun template + easy St. Patrick’s Day paper craft, shamrock t-shirt with infusible ink, DIY leather shamrock keychain, Saint Patrick’s Day DIY sugar scrub, and more. So gather the materials, tools, follow the making instructions, and add some extra luck by making some of these best St. Patrick’s craft activities for adults. Have fun, and happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!


Dancing Leprechaun Paper Puppet

Adorable and fun to make, this dancing leprechaun paper puppet is a great paper toy to make with kids for St Patrick’s Day. Download, print, cut, and assemble the printable. It’s so easy – you just need to gather the materials, follow a few simple steps, and your super cute little paper toy will be ready for St Patrick’s Day celebration. Have fun!

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Free Printable Leprechaun Template + Easy St. Patrick’s Day Paper Craft

With just supplies you likely have on hand, this leprechaun paper craft comes together quickly and easily – no tricky steps or traps are required. Just use the included printable leprechaun template to cut out the leprechaun’s hat and body, and then glue everything. Follow the step-by-step instructions, and then you can add him to banners, wreaths, cards, or even popsicle sticks to make your sneaky leprechaun puppet. Have fun!

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Shamrock T-Shirt With Infusible Ink

Easy to make and so pretty, this shamrock t-shirt with infusible ink is a perfect way to get your, or your kids’ look Saint Patrick’s Day ready. Gather the needed materials and follow the step-by-step instructions. Yes, the making process requires patience, but it’s simple and fun, and you’ll absolutely love the end product when it’s ready. Just remember not to reuse your cardstock or your butcher paper on more than one infusible ink project, and not to use bleach on your shirt. Have fun!

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Hand Stitched Felt Shamrock Plushies

These hand-stitched felt shamrock plushies could be your perfect craft for St. Patrick’s Day. They’re so easy to hand stitch that any beginner sewer can do it, and you can make them in three different sizes. Gather the materials, download the free shamrock pattern, and start making them. They’re great displayed in a bowl, or you could even attach a hair clip if you wanted to wear a bit of green on St. Patrick’s Day so that you don’t get pinched. Have fun!

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DIY Leather Shamrock Keychain

Cute, quick, chic, and super simple to make, this DIY leather shamrock keychain is a perfect craft that everyone will love. In a total time of 10 minutes, using just a few materials, your leather shamrock keychain will be ready. Follow the instructions, and thread your keyring through the leather loop and add your keys. Take it out for a spin. Have fun, and happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

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St. Patrick’s Day Crafts – Shamrocks & Gold Nuggets

Festive, easy to make, and nature-inspired, these St. Patrick’s Day crafts – shamrocks and gold nuggets will be a perfect St. Patrick’s party decoration and will bring you joy and luck into your home. Gather the materials and follow the instructions. Remember always to use clean and dry rocks and let the paint dry fully between coats and changing colors.
You can quickly create a whole field of clovers and a pot of gold nuggets. Have fun!

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Saint Patrick’s Day DIY Sugar Scrub

Festive and easy to make, this Saint Patrick’s Day DIY sugar scrub is a perfect way to make something for yourself and involve the kids in the making process. You can whip it up in a couple of minutes using just three easy steps and four simple ingredients. Just make sure to store your sugar scrub in an airtight jar. You can keep it in the jar for up to 6 months. Have fun!

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