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The Best Thanksgiving Activities For Kids & Free Printable

by feminaunique

We all enjoy Thanksgiving because we spend time with family and friends, and good food surrounds us, and we all have fun. But sometimes, Thanksgiving it’s not exactly the most exciting holiday for kids. Don’t worry – we have a solution for that problem – just download and print these best Thanksgiving activities for kids and free printable and keep your kids occupied and happy anytime during Thanksgiving. You can choose from Thanksgiving conversation starters for kids + free printable, Thanksgiving match-up game and free printable, turkey-themed counting practice worksheets, Thanksgiving word scramble, cute and fun turkey craft idea for kids, fun Thanksgiving printables for kids, Thanksgiving activity – turkey names, and more. All of the activities are a funny and silly way to bring families together and make everyone a little happier this Thanksgiving. We hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Jokes For Kids & Free Printable

With these Thanksgiving jokes for kids, we guarantee that your kids will always giggle and be happy at Thanksgiving dinner. All of the jokes are fun, clean, and you can even make a fun craft, card, or gift using one of the list’s jokes. You can choose from funny jokes about Thanksgiving day, Pilgrims, Thanksgiving food, Turkeys. Plus, they’re free printable for over thirty joke notes included!

Source: onmykidsplate


Thanksgiving Conversation Starters For Kids + Free Printable

These Thanksgiving conversation starters for kids + free printable can be very useful if you have a full house of relatives + children. They’re just the thing to get everyone talking, learning more about each other, and having fun. You can break out these conversation starters while waiting for dinner to be served or go around the table answering questions while you have dessert!

Source: momswhosave


Cute Thanksgiving Coloring Pages For Kids

We guarantee that these cute Thanksgiving coloring pages for kids will help you keep your kids occupied while cooking dinner or watching football games. All you need are these coloring pages, crayons, colored pencils or markers, and maybe some fun stickers. Download and print the super cute free Thanksgiving coloring pages printable and make the holiday fun for all!

Source: dressesanddinosaurs


Thanksgiving Match-Up Game & Free Printable

These Thanksgiving match-up game and free printable are the perfect holiday-themed activities for your kids for Thanksgiving. The kids during the play will learn about holiday traditions while having fun. Plus, these Thanksgiving match-up games are great for training visual memory, concentration, attention to detail, improve the ability to find similarities and differences in objects, and improve vocabulary. Download them and have fun!

Source: thepetiterainbow


Thanksgiving Facts About Turkey

If you want to share more information about turkey with your kids and, at the same time, learn how to roast turkey, then these Thanksgiving facts about turkey will be very useful. There so-so many interesting facts and tips to learn. From historical to nutritional facts, how to choose the right turkey or perfectly roast the turkey. Read the article, learn something new, and have fun with your kids!

Source: plattertalk


Turkey-Themed Counting Practice Worksheets

These turkey-themed counting practice worksheets are a mix of turkey-themed counting pages using craft hand turkeys. The freebie contains 15 pages with various ways to count numbers up to 30. Just download and print out the worksheet, and have fun building up the math skills. Plus, you can even make your own art turkey handcrafts. Have fun!

Source: buddingmama


Thanksgiving Turkey Toilet Paper Roll Craft

If you want your kids to make their thankful turkey craft alone, this Thanksgiving turkey toilet paper roll craft is the right choice. Plus, the kids will learn how to be grateful for what they have. Gather the materials and follow the steps. You can have your kids do this craft at the table while the Thanksgiving dinner is cooking or with cousins or other family members over the weekend!

Source: honeyandlime


Thanksgiving Word Scramble

With two free printable levels, this Thanksgiving word scramble is a fun activity you can play with your kids during the holiday day. Plus, it is easy to incorporate word games like word scrambles. You can download and print the free printable versions for the youngest and oldest kids together with the answers. If you would like to print them once and use them year after year, you can laminate them and use dry erase markers to write on them. Then just file them away until next year. Have fun!

Source: lovinghomeschool


I Am Thankful Turkey Craft

Cute and easy to make, this I am Thanksgiving turkey craft is a perfect Thanksgiving activity for your children. Plus, it’s a great way to bring crafts and literacy together in a hands-on way. Gather the supplies, print the template, and let your kid make the turkey craft. Once the turkeys are assembled, they can be embellished with glitter or sequins or another material or simply left as they are. Have fun!

Source: adabofgluewilldo


Cute & Fun Turkey Craft Idea For Kids

This cute and fun turkey craft idea for kids is easy for preschoolers and fun for older kids and students – a perfect Thanksgiving craft. Each kid can create a unique and colorful turkey character by using different painting techniques. Plus, it’s easy to make and doesn’t require a lot of supplies. Follow the tutorial and let your kids create their own turkey craft project for Thanksgiving!

Source: champagneandsugarplums


Thanksgiving Kids Table Free Printable Joke Napkin Rings

These Thanksgiving kids table free printable joke napkin rings are an easy way to add a little find for kids to your Thanksgiving table. There are sixteen different jokes included so that you can mix and match. Print all of them and watch the kids laugh and giggle. Follow the directions and repeat until all napkin rings are done, then enjoy the jokes!

Source: onmykidsplate


Fun Thanksgiving Printables For Kids

Fun and easy, these fun Thanksgiving printables for kids are a great way to keep the kids busy while they patiently wait for the big Thanksgiving meal. They’re six fun pages–each with a different activity. You can choose from a printable turkey template, Thanksgiving I-Spy printable, printable Thanksgiving coloring page, printable Thanksgiving drawing page, Thanksgiving gratitude printable, and Thanksgiving pattern worksheet. Print all of them and have fun!

Source: momswhosave


Easy Painted Rock Turkey Craft For Thanksgiving

This easy painted rock turkey craft for Thanksgiving is easy to paint while waiting for the pie to bake. Gather the needed supplies and follow the simple painting steps. You could use this painted rock turkey as a cute addition to your Thanksgiving holiday tablescape or hide it for someone to find as they bustle around the city. Just remember – allow your rock to dry completely. Have fun!

Source: ilovepaintedrocks


Thanksgiving Activity – Turkey Names

This Thanksgiving activity – turkey names is an adorable and fun idea for kids during Thanksgiving day. It’s not just fun but also a learning activity that your kids will love assembling. It contains an editable “I can spell my name turkey craft” printable with eight editable feathers. Just download and let your kids enjoy and have fun with this Thanksgiving activity!

Source: adabofgluewilldo


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