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The Best Thanksgiving Decor Craft Ideas

by feminaunique

For us, Thanksgiving is all about family, kindness, love, and tradition. But preparing decorations for a holiday sometimes can be a difficult task to achieve. If you’re looking for decor ideas, these are the best Thanksgiving decor craft ideas that everyone will love. You can choose from Fall pickle jar pumpkin craft, painted jars for Thanksgiving, easy turkey paper bag puppet, gratitude pumpkin, and more. All of the ideas are super festive, unique, adorable, inexpensive, and easy, and fun to make. We guarantee that they will become your favorite decor crafts for the Thanksgiving holiday!


Fall Pickle Jar Pumpkin Craft

Festive and easy, this Fall pickle jar pumpkin craft is a wonderful and unique craft idea for Thanksgiving decor. The jars are simple but adorable to make. The lid is rustic, the jars have a lovely color, and all in all, these Fall pickle jar pumpkins crafts are creative and inspirational. Gather the needed materials, follow the making instructions, and have fun!

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Outdoor Thanksgiving Table

If you have ever wondered how to put together the perfect Thanksgiving table, we are going to show you just how easy it is! By following some steps, tips, and tricks, you can create the perfect outdoor Thanksgiving table that it’s not overwhelming but has all the rich fall colors and flavors that everyone will leave happy and full. Be creative and have fun!

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Painted Jars For Thanksgiving

If you want to make a beautiful arrangement for Fall, these painted jars for Thanksgiving are the perfect decor idea. They’re simple to make, inexpensive, and you can make them in three different colors. Gather the needed materials and start the making process. Don’t forget to fill the jars with faux Fall florals and place them on a table as a pretty Fall centerpiece!

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Pumpkin Sewing Tutorial

Super simple and fun to make, this pumpkin sewing tutorial is perfect for Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Gather the needed materials and follow the making directions. Depending on the size of your fabric, you can make small or large pumpkins. Make the pumpkin segments, make the stem and leaves, and your Thanksgiving cute pumpkins are ready. You can even add a fake leaf or felt leaf if you wish!

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Easy Turkey Paper Bag Puppet

This easy turkey paper bag puppet is the perfect craft idea for Thanksgiving. You can easily cut out all the shapes from construction paper yourself or download the free template. You’ll need a couple of supplies and just to follow the step-by-step instructions. This easy turkey paper bag puppet will become one of your favorite turkey crafts for the Thanksgiving holiday!

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Gratitude Pumpkin

If you want to encourage more kindness in your home and at the same time have unique Thanksgiving decor, this gratitude pumpkin is a perfect idea. You’ll need one pumpkin and a permanent marker. Start at the top of the pumpkin and write, “We are grateful for…” or “We are thankful for….” By the end of November, the whole pumpkin will be filled up with everything you’re thankful for. Place the Gratitude Pumpkin on your Thanksgiving table as a centerpiece!

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