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The Best Thanksgiving Gravy Recipes

by feminaunique

Whether it’s from a powdered mix or the bottled variety, store-bought gravy just cannot compete with a batch of homemade gravy. So, if you’re looking for new Thanksgiving gravy recipes, you’re in the right place. You can choose from Giblet gravy, mom’s vegetarian gravy, homemade turkey gravy, and more. These best Thanksgiving gravy recipes are not just festive and delicious but also homemade, turning an ordinary Thanksgiving dinner into something magnificent. Once you learn how to make these best Thanksgiving gravy recipes from scratch rather than using a packet, you will never be using store-bought again. Enjoy!


Giblet Gravy

Easy and homemade, this Gilbert gravy is ready in just 25 minutes and will turn an ordinary Thanksgiving dinner into something magnificent. The part is that you can make it using turkey or chicken giblets. If you don’t like hard-boiled eggs, you can leave them out. For a richer gravy, stir in some heavy cream or milk just before it is finished cooking. Plus, you can make the gravy the evening before and refrigerate overnight, then heat up. Enjoy!

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Homemade Turkey Gravy Recipe

This homemade turkey gravy recipe is incredibly easy and tasty from scratch and with just 4 ingredients. You can make the gravy with drippings if you have them or use broth or stock if that’s what is available instead. Also, if you aren’t waiting for turkey drippings, the gravy can be made 2-3 days in advance and stored in the fridge. Then simply reheat on the stovetop and whisk well before serving. Enjoy!

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Mom’s Vegetarian Gravy

Creamy, rich, moist, and full of flavor, this mom’s vegetarian gravy is so good that all your vegetarian guests will love it. Plus, it comes together quickly with just a few ingredients, and there’s a vegan option too. Make it according to the cooking instructions, and taste for salt and pepper, garnishing with additional pepper if desired. Serve hot. Enjoy!

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Turkey Gravy Recipe

Super flavorful and so easy to make in 20 minutes, this turkey gravy recipe is going to be your next favorite for Thanksgiving dinner. It’s so delicious and effortless to make, and you can adapt this recipe and use it with any kind of meat drippings that you have. The sprig of rosemary adds a nice touch and a delightful flavor to the gravy. If you don’t have a fat separator, you can spoon some of the fat away as it rises to the top of the gravy. Serve and enjoy!

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