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The Best Winter Homemade Crafts

by feminaunique

If you’re looking for inexpensive, engaging, and fun winter crafts, these best winter homemade crafts are the right choice. You can choose from DIY winter sugar scrub bars, DIY winter lights bath bombs, pine cone winter tree craft, winter ice mold, reindeer wreath ugly winter sweater, candy cane mug with winter SVGs, and more. All of these best winter homemade crafts are adorable, affordable, easy to make, and we guarantee that everyone will love them, and you’ll proudly use all of them for the whole winter season! Have fun and happy crafting!


DIY Winter Sugar Scrub Bars

Luxurious and made with natural ingredients, these DIY winter sugar scrub bars are adorable, practical, and smell amazing. They’re perfect for the cold winter months and will make your skin soft and cozy. Just make them by following the directions, and don’t forget to let them sit for about an hour or overnight before using them. You can also store them in an airtight container for up to 6 months!

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DIY Winter Lights Bath Bombs

Homemade, cute, and colorful, these DIY winter lights bath bombs are inexpensive to make and will definitely brighten your day! With just a couple of supplies and following a few steps and tips, you’ll have beautiful winter lights bath bombs that you can keep for yourself or give them out as a gift for someone special. Have fun making them!

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The Elves & The Shoemaker Winter Craft

If you’re looking for a kid’s winter craft idea, this elves and the shoemaker winter craft is fun and easy to make and perfect for kids between 4 and 10. You’ll get a free printable of 11 pages activity unit to create a learning adventure with your kids. Gather the needed supplies and create your own handmade shoemaker’s 3D helper. Have fun and make your kids happy!

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Pine Cone Winter Tree Craft

Fun, cute, and easy to make, this pine cone winter tree craft is an affordable craft that every kid can make with little assistance from the grown-ups. In a total time of 30 minutes and using a few materials and tools, you’ll have a perfect winter decor for your home or a gift for someone special. Make it and just be patient and allow it to dry completely before moving. Happy crafting!

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Gingerbread Sugar Scrub

Fantastic and homemade, this gingerbread sugar scrub it’s a practical craft that only takes a few minutes to make, plus it’s perfect for gifting. Follow the making directions, scoop the scrub into jars, and seal. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the smell of it! The gingerbread sugar scrub will last at least 3 months if sealed. Enjoy!

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Winter Tree Pipe Cleaner Craft

This winter tree pipe cleaner craft it’s a simple but stunning craft made with a few supplies and a little patience and effort. These winter tree pipe cleaners are easy enough for kids but cute enough that you’ll want to display them all over your house. Plus, you can really use your imagination when it comes time to decorate them. Have fun!

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Winter Ice Mold

This winter ice mold is a beautiful, inexpensive craft that it’s super easy to make, and you can make it at least a day in advance. Follow the making instructions and place it in the freezer until completely frozen. For just $1, you can easily create a beautiful winter ice mold to hold your wine or other bottled drinks. Have fun!

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Reindeer Wreath Ugly Winter Sweater

Gorgeous, glittery, and fun to make, this reindeer wreath ugly winter sweater is a perfect winter craft that everyone will love. Gather the needed materials and start the making process. Cut the pieces, and don’t forget to place them on the shirt to make sure that you’ll be ironing them in the right place. We guarantee that you’ll proudly wear it for the whole winter season!

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Candy Cane Mug With Winter SVGs

This candy cane mug with winter SVGs makes a great handmade winter gift with Cricut or Silhouette that everyone will love. You can gift it to friends, neighbors, gift exchange parties, teachers, etc. Download all 4 SVG files, gather the needed materials and tools and start the making process. Don’t forget to fill the mug with the candies, tie on the ribbon and add the care instructions gift tag. Have fun!

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