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Which Color of Lipsticks Will Dominate in 2020?

by feminaunique

There is a one basic makeup rule: You can never have too many lipsticks!

It is recommended that you change them just as you change your clothes. Nothing improves mood and causes smiles like beautifully colored lips.

Lipstick can not only help you change your overall look, but it can also affect the change in your mood. It will make yourself feel sophisticated, feminine and glamorous, and it will make you look sexy and seductive.

The makeup artists and stylists recommend that there is not only one shade that is adjustable for all occasions. In the search for the ideal lipstick, we often try different shades that more or less correspond to the shape of our lips, complexion, the occasion, the personal style, and the clothes we wear.

Fashion trends, such as makeup trends, change every season.

Last year, 2019 was an exciting year in terms of the significant number of innovations that left a noticeable trail in the beauty industry, but for 2020 it was announced that it would be even more spectacular in terms of beauty products coming to the market.

Especially great attention each year causes new trends in the world of lipstick. Because lipstick often takes on the role as an essential fashion accessory that makes your whole look perfect.

We hang out with matte lipsticks, then with liquid lipsticks, and for a few seasons, nude nuances of lipsticks have been dominated.

Which brings us to 2020 and the question: Which color of lipsticks will dominate in 2020?

Timeless red lipstick

Red lips are a symbol for themselves and this season all the shades of red will be in the center, so you should not go anywhere without red lipstick. In the world of make-up, the red lipstick is stylish – perfect for every occasion and fit with all clothes.

The red lipstick is sexy and elegant at the same time and is suitable for an evening out with a partner, but at the same time radiates power and self-confidence and can be worn in the office.

You will not make a mistake if you choose a red lipstick in any nuance. Red lipstick perfectly fits and is an excellent choice for both festive and business environments. The red-colored lipstick will give you a more dramatic look and at the same time make you look luxurious and sophisticated.

It is necessary that the rest of the make-up be less pronounced and rather simple. Lipstick in this color best matches the bright shades of the eye shadow.

The inevitable pink lipstick

Whether you want neutral or more pronounced tones, when it comes to makeup, lipstick is a must. Lips are the most beautiful and most attractive part of the female face, and that is why they deserve to be painted in the colors in which the woman feels the most comfortable and sexy.

The shades of pink color are the perfect choice for both the evening and the daytime variants that include drinking cocktails on the beach or coffee with friends.

If you adore the natural nuances of makeup, choose a lipstick in soft pink shades with a flavor of forest fruits like cherries and strawberries. The pink lipstick color is a great everyday choice.

Coral color lipstick

Pastel colors are a trend for this season, and you can use them in choosing a new lipstick. The coral color was declared the color of the year, and it was a matter of time when that nuance as a trend revives in the fashion world.

We did not have to wait a long time for the coral lipstick to be named “IN” for the warmer days, which does make us happy, because this color brings a refreshing dose in every looks.

The coral color is an excellent choice because it will make you look younger, fresh and in a good mood. From high-end brands to brands with affordable prices, everyone is already ready with the perfect coral shade.

The coral color fits perfectly with dark eye shadows and in the darker complexion that you are or will get on holiday, it will make you look powerfully and attractive.

Sensual orange lipstick

The orange color is a powerful, dominant color that will not leave you unnoticed. This season, orange lipstick can be worn on the beach in combination with a black and white swimsuit.

Your lips will be strongly expressed and will attract the attention of all people whose views will meet you right. You can use a lip pencil in a nude color to make your lips come full.

Creamy “nude” lipstick

Nude lipsticks are an absolute “must have” in every women’s handbag because they are very simple to combine with the rest of the makeup and can round off every appearance.

It’s the best choice for daytime variants because these lipsticks are neutral and classical. Whether you decide on an elegant or casual outfit, this color perfectly matches and fits with every look.

Also, skin lipsticks in the “nude“ color tone are a great choice if you want to emphasize your eyes with the make-up, highlighting them with a shower, a mascara, or with seductive shadows applied to the effect of “smokey eyes.”

Although today’s fashion trends do not recognize age limits and women and are encouraged to be brave in older age, there are still some rules. That means that you should choose the color of lipstick according to your age.

20+ Strong colors
Girls of this age can boldly experiment with colors and textures, so they can freely choose color tangerine or cyclamen lipsticks. If you prefer natural shades, it should be natural tones like strawberry, raspberry or grape. In terms of texture, you can use any matte or shiny.

30+ All the shades of red
The critical point is to choose your red color. If you want a natural look instead of lipstick, use a colored lip gloss.

40+ Romantic tones
Women in their 40s can cross the romantic shades of pink lipstick, which has a shiny or satin texture. Lips over the years lose their volume, and to create the effect of full lips, choose bright shades of strawberry-pink to nude. Avoid matte texture, as it further exposes wrinkles. So, the right choice is a shiny texture, and before you apply the lipstick, you must hydrate your lips.

50+ Life in pink
Stylists recommend classic pink nuances for women of this age, and in the game are light pink but also coral pink lipsticks. The darker shades emphasize wrinkles around the lips, and those in the nude look are too pale. Therefore it is essential to choose a medium shade of pink with fruity tones. At this age, the make-up should be minimal, so focus on blush and pink lipstick with shiny texture and with moisturizing properties.

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