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The Best Halloween Cupcake

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Halloween is right around the corner, so you need to make a new addition to your Halloween dessert table. Choose some of these best Halloween cupcakes and create a perfect themed Halloween party. All of the cupcakes are irresistibly delicious, spooky cute, inexpensive, homemade, kid-friendly, and will melt in your mouth immediately. You can choose from pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, Halloween cauldron cupcakes, freaky Frankenstein Halloween cupcakes, vampire fangs Halloween cupcakes, graveyard Halloween cupcakes, red velvet Halloween cupcakes, vegan Halloween cupcakes, and more. Celebrate the spookiest night of the year with style – these best Halloween cupcakes will be an absolute hit!

Pumpkin Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting

Homemade, soft, fluffy, and irresistibly tasty, these pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting are the ultimate Halloween cupcakes. They’re ready in 30 minutes, just gather the needed ingredients and follow the cooking directions. Don’t overmix the batter. Don’t overbake the cupcakes, and frost the cupcakes when they’re completely cooled. Have fun making them, and enjoy!

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Spider Cupcakes

Easy to make, delicious, and cute creepy, these spider cupcakes are going to be perfect for your Halloween dessert table. Make and bake the cupcakes, frost each cupcake with orange buttercream, and place on fondant spider body on each frosted cupcake. The most fun part is decorating the fondant spiders with eyes and legs using green and black decorating frosting. Serve and enjoy!

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Halloween Cauldron Cupcakes

Topped with extra smooth colored buttercream, cutely decorated, and extra fun to make, these Halloween cauldron cupcakes are going to be an absolute hit at your next Halloween party. Plus, they’re made with simple, store-bought ingredients. Just follow the cooking instructions, add the frosting, and decorate your Halloween cupcakes. Don’t forget to top off your Halloween cupcakes by adding a pretzel stick in them so you can stir your witch’s potion. Serve and enjoy!

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Halloween Kid-Friendly Monster Cupcakes

Colorful, cute, and yummy, these Halloween kid-friendly monster cupcakes are so fun to make. You’ll need a couple of ingredients and just to follow the simple cooking instructions. Bake the cupcakes and start the decorating process. When everything is ready, don’t forget to place 2-4 eyes on each cupcake. Enjoy your new, furry, purple monster cupcakes!

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Freaky Frankenstein Halloween Cupcakes

So easy and inexpensive to make, these freaky Frankenstein Halloween cupcakes are extra cute and delicious. Plus, you can make them as scary as you’d like, and they’ll still be a hit. Just gather the needed supplies and follow the step-by-step cooking instructions. You’ll get spooky cupcakes perfect for your next Halloween dessert table. Serve and enjoy!

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RIP Halloween Tombstone Cupcakes

Delicious, adorable, and fun to make, these RIP Halloween tombstone cupcakes are perfectly shaped and kid-friendly. You just need to gather the required ingredients and follow the simple cooking steps. When everything is ready, start assembling the cupcakes. Finish them by placing one decorated tombstone cookie on each cupcake. Serve and enjoy!

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Vampire Fangs Halloween Cupcakes

Super easy, perfectly sweet, and fun to make, these vampire fangs Halloween cupcakes will be a perfect addition to your Halloween-themed party. Gather the needed supplies and follow the cooking instructions. Create your edible vampire fangs, frost each cupcake with an offset spatula, and place two fangs on each cupcake. Serve and enjoy!

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Spooky Halloween Mummy Cupcakes

These spooky Halloween mummy cupcakes are delicious, festive, cute, and are 100 % scrumptious, fun, and easy to make. They’re perfect if you want to surprise yourself and scare others. Gather the needed supplies and start the making process. Assemble the cupcakes, serve and enjoy!

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Graveyard Halloween Cupcakes

So easy to make and super adorable, these graveyard Halloween cupcakes are also super festive, and you can make them gluten-free or allergy-friendly. Plus, you can customize the toppers and allow your kids to decorate them. Be creative, clever, and creepy, follow the step-by-step cooking directions, and have fun making them. Everyone will love these graveyard Halloween cupcakes!

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Brain Halloween Cupcakes

Easy and delicious, these brain Halloween cupcakes are going to be an absolute hit at your Halloween party this year. They’re deliciously soft and chocolatey, filled with strawberry jam, and topped with pink candied walnuts. Follow the directions and make them. If you like, you can use a tube of pink writing icing instead of making your glaze for the walnuts, and then microwave them in the way directed. Serve and enjoy!

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Red Velvet Halloween Cupcakes

Amaze your friends and family this Halloween by making these red velvet Halloween cupcakes. They have a flavorful, tender sponge, a smooth and delicious cream cheese frosting, and are decorated with gorily good blood-red syrup. You can add little store-bought knife toppers to complete the spooky Halloween look. Happy Halloween!

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Vegan Halloween Cupcakes

Fancy, delicious, and healthy, these vegan Halloween cupcakes are perfectly spooky and totally egg and dairy-free. The cupcakes are soft and chocolate, the vanilla buttercream is smooth and super fluffy, and dairy-free. To create the spider effect, you’ll pop an Oreo on top of each cupcake, decorate with candy eyes and use a black writing icing to draw on some creepy-crawly legs. Have fun and enjoy!

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